Iniesta or Zidane

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roi, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Zidane

  2. Iniesta

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  1. Choose between one of those and say why.
  2. Zidane just because he hit Materazzi like a BOSS.
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  3. In the last game of his career :lol1:
  4. Iniesta is great but in his prime ZZ was an icon.
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  5. Zizou, he's the greatest I've ever seen.
  6. Zidane because Iniesta's career isn't over yet, but when it's over, they'll both be on the same level. I actually think Iniesta is easily as good as Zidane was, but I wouldn't want to bark up that tree again...
  7. zidane better goalscoring record
  8. Both are midfielders, I don't really think the goal-scoring record is too important in comparison.
  9. Its the only way i can separate them lol
  10. Haha true.

    A lot of footballing fans seemingly can't grasp the fact that some people think Iniesta is on Zidane's level of brilliance, and I'm one of those that do think he's on that level now. I think because legacy is easier to rate that Zidane is seen as the best, but when Iniesta retires, he will be seen as the same.

    It's a shame he's in the era of Messi/Ronaldo, because Iniesta would be a multiple time Ballon D'or winner imo.
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