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  1. With the seemingly high amount of injuries in the WWE at the minute. Is the WWE schedule to strenuous? Would a few less PPV's like TNA help reduce injuries? Should they do a few less house shows also? As yes the money is important but surely the wellbeing of the stars is as well.
  2. If they cared about the talent either do less houseshows or rotate who wrestles, Cena doing everyone is absurd same as Punk. Say you run Ryback vs Cena as the mainevent twice a week with Henry vs Sheamus w/ Cena as special ref the other two. It'll draw but it stops them bumping all the time.
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  3. They have a large enough roster to rotate wrestlers. That's one advantage of the brand split, it has wrestlers wrestling each week, but for sure that one doesn't have to show up on both shows. And with the amount of house shows they have, it's straining the wrestlers. They need to build their stars better and have their schedules laid out better. Otherwise they can expect to have more injuries.
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  4. Totally agree seabs. Could easily scrap one of the worst PPV's as well but i kno the kerrching factor wouldnt accept that as viable.
  5. Less PPVs is obviously a no-go. Doing less house shows (at least for certain period of time) could work but even then, you're still wrestling most days of the week and/or most days out of the year. They're not gonna slow down in any real capacity.

    Maybe stop doing so many hardcore matches or useless bumps through tables or whatever that don't always need to be done (well, never mind, there's an entire PPV dedicated to hardcore matches coming up.) I remember after Punk came back from his surgery that caused him to miss the TLC PPV, he was thrown right into a TLC match on Raw where he could just as easily been injured again. I was quite annoyed by the decision at the time.
  6. Of course the shedule is gruesome. They should really rotate house show guys, maybe having more than one draw working house shows would help with that.
  7. There've been injuries in WWE for quite some time now, I don't see any difference than the last couple of years, it's just something that always happens no matter what organization.
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