Kayfabe Injuries

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  1. *Ben Song is standing in the middle of the exodus ring in his 'Blasphemous' Ben Song attire. He has a sling over his left arm and has taped up ribs. He basks in the "Song" chants before picking up a mic to speak to the crowd*
    Ben Song: Everyone I have some important news to bring you, the news is of my imminent hiatus from Exodus for the next two weeks.
    *The fans are shocked into total silence*
    Ben Song: I know that you're all wondering why I'm going to be unable to wrestle for the next couple of weeks, well, that's simple. I can think of two words as a reason "The Disciples" yep The Webmaster and Reaper attacked me backstage causing me to cancel my match against Ty Creed and also leading to, as you can see, two major injuries. But do not fret Exodus fans for I will still be here backstage, who knows maybe the GM will let me have a go at commentary? Todd, don't think I've been putting off talking about you because I'm scared because I'm not I just don't think you're worth as much time as these wonderful people.
    *The fans cheer*
    Ben Song: Don't worry though webby 'cause even if I'm injured I'll still be back in time for Warrior's way where I'm going to put you down for good, And make sure these fans never have to deal with you antics ever again.
    *Ben Song drops the mic onto the floor and exits the ring to a massive ovation from the crowd*

    OOC: I'm writing myself out for a couple of weeks so I can concentrate on my exams.