Injury update: Michaels suffers broken arm

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  1. Injury update: Michaels suffers broken arm


    DALLAS – has confirmed that WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels’ arm was broken during a brutal attack by Brock Lesnar on Monday’s Raw. (WATCH THE ATTACKPHOTOS | FULL RAW RESULTS)

    Shortly after the contract was signed between Triple H and Lesnar for their match at Sunday’s SummerSlam, Lesnar pulled HBK from his car in the American Airlines Center parking garage, carried him to the ring and brutally assaulted him.

    During the attack, Lesnar applied his devastating Kimura Lock. As WWE COO Triple H looked on, Paul Heyman advised The Game to stay back, or Brock would break HBK’s arm. Apprehensive at first, Triple H eventually rushed in to come to his friend’s aid. Although Lesnar released the hold and exited the ring, the damage was already done.

    In severe pain, Michaels left the arena in an ambulance. caught up with Triple H shortly after the attack and he spoke about what happened. (WATCH EXCLUSIVE)

    There is no official word yet on whether Michaels will be in Triple H’s corner this Sunday at SummerSlam. (FULL SUMMERSLAM COVERAGE)

    Stay with for more on HBK’s condition.

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  2. Course....He has a broken arm... WWE... :haha:
  3. they said the same after HHH. Dont believe it.
  4. I know.. :boss1:
  5. At least HBK will sell this one.
  6. :bury: "Hunter no happy! Me put Laser in hole!!!"
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