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  2. Name: Joey Bryant
    Gimmick: Jokester, but keeps to himself. Sticks up for his friends.
    Finisher and sig: Finisher- Shining Wizard. Signature- Brainbuster Suplex
    Heel/Face: Face
    Theme: Suffer Unto Me by Avenue F
    Look: Pac
    Basic Moveset: German Suplex, Northern Lights suplex, Snap and Tiger suplex, Moonsault, sitout powerbomb, Suicide dive, multiple kicks, Uppercuts Wrestling Style: Technical
  3. Name: Tyler Bruce
    Gimmick: Ruthless UK wrestler fighting for titles by any means needed
    Finisher and sigs: Sigs: Half Nelson Backbreaker & Crossface Finishers: Northern Lights Driver and Flipping Piledriver ( Like the Canadian destroyer)
    Hell/Face: Heel
    Theme: Black or White By Bleeding in stereo
    Look: Barrett
    Basic Moveset: Powerbomb, snap supex, frogsplash, Step Up enzuigri, backbreaker, ddt, tiper suplex, big boot
    Wresting style technical with some dirty moves
  4. Accepted
  5. Accepted
  6. Im suing you for copyright infringement
  7. Name: Brian Michaels
    Gimmick: A Loose Cannon who is also very annoying to others when he says he wins and he chants loser (different from OCW)
    Finisher and sig: The Crane Game (A Tornado positioned Crossface Chickenwing), Sweet Treat Twizzler (Headlock Driver, parodied Derrick Bateman's Sweet Meat Sizzler)
    Heel/Face: Heel
    Theme: Raging of the Region (Austin Aries's Theme)
    Look: Brian Pillman
    Basic Moveset: Snap Suplex, Super Kick, Dropkick, Sleeper Hold, Flying Clothesline, Missile Dropkick, Fisherman Suplex, Tiger Suplex, Gutwrench Suplex, Neckbreaker, Elbow Drop, Boston Crab, Single Leg Crab, Powerbomb, Piledriver
    Wrestling Style: Techinal but can get a Little Hardcore
  8. Fuck that's right, ICW was yours right?
  9. um...yeah
  10. I know that
  11. What's this Adam?
  12. Efed
  13. Go sue the REAL company Insane Championship Wrestling then, They have been open for years so you copied them first.
  14. Got that. I can read the title of the section :haha: I meant.. How is this gonna work. To be honest I'm a little bit confused cuz everyone is opening stuff like this. I would like to know how this is gonna work
  15. BURRRN!!!!
  16. Name: Justin Angel
    Gimmick: Loner, Badass, Hyflyer
    Finisher and sig:Winds of Change, Liontamer
    Heel/Face: Face
    Theme: Playing the Saint
    Look: Justin Credible
    Basic Moveset: Justin Gabriel, Y2J
    Wrestling Style: Parkour, Freestlye Submission
  17. You make up a character, You play as them in the "In Character Thread" where you make feuds etc, I take these feuds and write shows and matches and stuff.
  18. Accepted!
  19. Lemme be Rhodes.
  20. So when will the chat be up ?
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