Insane Championship Wrestling In Character Thread

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  1. Talk In Character, Be realistic, No killing.
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  2. *Justin Angel walks into the Aena*
    Justin: I'm here, bitches
    *Sees Brian*
    Alex Simms
  3. *Tyler arrives at arena* Tyler: Great a new company no TKO and nobody to hold me back ha
  4. Justin: He warned me about you, Bruce..
  5. *Joey Bryant arrives at the company with his bags from the airport in hand. He closes his eyes and takes a big breath as he begins to walk down the hallway with a smile on his face.*
    Joey Bryant: A new start.
  6. *GM Chris Hawk walks down the hall in a suit*
  7. (Brian Michaels is in the arena)
    Michaels: Great, look at this dump, I don't have to deal with Da Gangsta Prince nor that idiot Chris Hawk.
    OOC - Can I refer OCW?
  8. OOC: Sure
  9. OOC: Dont mention hawk though, He is the GM
  10. OOC - I won't though, just pretend that never happened.
  11. (Brian Michaels is in the Cafeteria)
    Michaels: Yeah, you used to know me as a fun "Oh Hi I'm Brian Michaels I'm getting squashed by TKO while Orton stands there being an idiot" What marks. This disgusts me.
  12. *Rodrigo steps into the arena with all his bags *
    *He tries to find the locker room*
    -Damn, this is not what I expected
  13. (Michaels sees Rodrigo)
    Michaels: I hear you're Rodrigo, The name's Brian Michaels, the guy that should be OCW World Champion.
  14. Oh hey first guy I meet... OCW champ?
  15. Michaels: OCW, Oblivion Championship Wrestling that's now in Oblivion if you know what I mean, those damn TKO guys attacked me a lot of times.
  16. *Chris walks over to the men*

    Chris: Hello, Welcome to ICW, How are you liking the place?
  17. Michaels: It's kinda short for my standards.
  18. Rodrigo: Expected....something bigger. But it's okay. I just want a place to train, become the best and make a name for myself. If this place can offer me all that then I'm more that pleased.
  19. Michaels: I'm with you, brotha.
  20. Chris: I assure you will become the best you can be, You aint happy we aint happy.
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