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Discussion in 'RAW' started by DK James, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Found a thread on reddit about Bray's promo last night. If I were you, I'd rewatch it like I did because it seems there was more to it than I thought. This is taken directly from a user on reddit.

    Bray's speech is directly referencing Kane. He's talking to him.
    -"There ain't no such thing as a hero" (aka why are you trying to be a face, that isn't you)
    -"The man who made you is a liar" - Paul Bearer
    -"Your own flesh and blood turned his back on you" - Taker
    -"I will never turn my back on you" - Says Bray
    -And he basically confirms this after whupping Truth's ass "you are not the truth we seek, Kane, follow the buzzards". - Bray
    Seems Bray is subtlety trying to recruit Kane.

    Seems when Kane returns, he may be returning to the monster gimmick. Definitely going to be epic, thought I'd share. My favorite part is by far at 4:07. "I'M RIGHT HERE WAITING"
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    Kane in the Wyatt family, don't know how I would feel about that =/
  3. It does seem like he'll try to get Kane into the Family, but I'm not sure he'll succeed. May happen but I think they'll go with him trying to do so longer.

  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Wyatt Family*
  6. If Kane joins the Wyatt Family it won't make sense. I think he should go alone.
  7. I kind of assumed that they'd go down this kind of route when he first started feuding with Kane, with a similar story to the Kane/Cena one at the beginning of 2012 with Cena 'Embracing the hate'.

    This is the fun with Wyatt, just about everything he says is indirect and needs to be deciphered. If he continues with promos like this then he has to be considered one of the best mic workers in the company IMO.
  8. Could be coincidence, as a lot of his promos follow this suit, but there is definitely a chance of this being a subliminal promo. Love it if it is. Kane joining them seems likely, and it won't be a bad move.
  9. I don't see Kane mixing with a bunch of psychotic hillbillys. But it could be a nice program and set up. I just don't see the Kane character fitting into the family itself.
  10. maybe wyatt brainwashes him and gets him under control then taker comes back to save him at wm
  11. I don't see Kane joining them either. It makes more sense to book him as an adversary to Wyatt and his twisted disciples.

    Imagine Wyatt comes out one week and says Kane is the newest member of his family, and he'll show the world next week. Fast forward to the next week and the family make their way to the ring and then Wyatt gives a cryptic-like promo talking about how he can unite the masses and bring just about anyone into his world of enlightenment. He then tells everyone to get ready to witness first hand proof of this as he introduces Kane to come down and officially join them. Kane steps in slowly and then does his kneeling down pose (the pose Undertaker used to do when Paul Bearer held up the urn) as a way of saying he is one of them... only to quickly launch back up and start brawling with each of them. Wyatt almost immediately is knocked from the ring but the other two take a beat down for a tad bit longer. And the feud is off and running.

    Of course, it may be a lot simpler than that. Maybe Kane just makes a surprise come back. Maybe Luke Harper and Erik Rowan attack someone while Wyatt rocks back and forth in his rocking chair smiling. And just when it looks like it's cleared for Wyatt to step in the ring and preach his gospel, the lights suddenly go out and when they come back on, Kane is standing there behind the two and out brawls the both of them (unlike last time) while Wyatt watches cautiously from outside the ring. There is an intense stare from a distance between the two, though.
  12. Kane is going to join the Wyatt family(another inforcer). Wyatt is going to have some mythical powers, or influence like taker. Just watch
  13. If you told me the "kane" character would be beat boxing with B. Dazzle i'd have told you to fuck off too.
  14. Would definitely mark if Kane returns as the monster we used to love. I remember when he returned with the mask. Gosh I had to change my pants.

  15. Kane was a pretty swell guy, not a great beat boxer though.
  16. Well going with my original statement (wyatt vs kane is his first deal) i wouldnt be against it. There is going to be a battle before kane submits, if he does.
  17. I had goosebumps listening to this promo, and the best part was there were no Husky chants!!!
  18. I love the fact that you need to take time to comprehend his promos. Promos that really make you think are soo much better than the flatout generic promos that go along the lines of "I'm better than you and I'll prove it!"and "I do it for the fans!".
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  19. I can't wait to see Kane in his monster gimmick again because he is just so darn good at it. Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family seem like they could be the next big thing in the company and adding an experienced veteran to their cause could really cement them in storylines for years to come. I think Kane could fit in well with them so I'm excited to see what happens next :emoji_slight_smile:
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