Insidious Chapter: 2 Review by Fooq

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  1. Now this is my first time reviewing a movie, so I'm probally not gonna be good at it :notsure: and this will contain spoilers.

    Now I was aware this was going to be a scary movie before watching it, so lets go to the start. Right away, it just becomes generic. The whole big scary house, lady(Elise) getting out of the car and going to the home. The partner(Carl) there saying, "I did all I could, it's up to you" line being there. The woman gets attacked by the ghost after seeing the closet open by itself. The thing that did stick out, was the kid opening the door for no reason.

    After all this you go to the future, now the kid, named Josh is an adult and getting haunted still and Elise is found dead. After a bunch of strange stuff, we come to find out that a spirit kicked him out of his body, and is now with the dead, and a old man he met in the hospital as a child is in his body. I think it was an interesting twist, they give hints to prove this theory before exposing it.

    Now Josh's mom, and two ghost hunters(who are the comedy characters) go into the hospital, which is where Josh's mom used to work at. Meanwhile a ghost woman slaps the shit out of Josh's wife, and "Josh" lays her down, smelling her hair like a sadistic freak. The hunters and Josh's mom come to find out that the man that took over Josh's body was a crossdressing serial killer. Carl, the partner from the start of the movie was there helping them, so he comes up with an idea.

    We then go back to the house where Josh and his wife are at, their children are gone and his wife pulls up into the drive way. Just as the wife is about to go inside, Josh's mom stops her and then they take off. Carl goes into the house with a wire and tranquilizer, trying to take the evil spirit out of Josh's body. They talk, but eventually "Josh" sees what Carl is up to and they get into a fight. Carl puts up a decent fight, but the two ghost hunters run in since they heard Carl was in trouble and job to "Josh" as if they were Zack Ryder.

    "Josh" kills Carl, and Carl meets Josh in the after life. "Josh" uses Carl's phone to text message his wife and mother saying that everything is fine. So they drive back, and "Josh" locks his mother in a closet and goes Chris Brown on his wife. He's about to kill his wife, until their children come in and attack him with a bat. There's a small chase, but eventually they get to the basement laundry room and "Josh" takes forever to break in.

    As all of that was going on, Carl finds the real Josh in the afterlife. Josh and Carl go exploring, and eventually find Josh's wife's sister, who is babysitting their baby. A demon form the afterlife tries to take Josh's baby, but Josh trys to fight it. Josh is jobbing though, until Elise comes out and defeats the demon by telling it to go to hell and showing it a light.

    They talk a bit, and then decide that they need to restore Josh's memory, since Elise cleared them when he was a boy. They go back to where Josh was a kid, the start of the movie. The figure that the kid Josh was speaking to was his older self, telling him where to find the memory's of the fake Josh, who's name is Parker. They eventually find the memory's, and it's a piece of work.

    Parker was abused by his mother(the ghost lady that shows up in the movie) and was forced to be a little girl, even though he was a boy. She would beat him and yell at him, saying that he was a girl, until she looks up and sees Josh, Carl and Elise. All while this is going on, Parker breaks into the laundry room and one of the ghost hunters comes out with Josh's mom. Josh's mom, the ghost hunter, and Josh's wife all try to attack him, but he no sells their attacks like Cena. One of Josh's kids, has the power to go into the afterlife when asleep, which the fake Josh knows. So Parker trys to kill the boy, but real Josh, Carl and Elise save the day when they defeat the evil spirit of Parker's mom. With the spirit gone, Parker is free to rest.

    It's not the end though, Carl was never officially dead as it seems, so he goes with Josh for they can return to their bodies. They return, and the family lives happily ever after. The movie ends with the Ghost Hunters in some Asian country, and the ghost of Elise helping them, and she's talking to some woman. The movie cuts off with Elise saying, "Oh my God."

    That's pretty much the end of it. Honestly, the movie was to cheesy, and not once did I jump. It was a decent plot, but it all did connect good. The fight scenes were alright, but my favorite scenes were the ones with the ghost hunters, because they were so damn awkward and scared, but they knew what they had to do. For a horror movie it was poor, overall I say a 2/5 star rating. It's not something I would really recommend watching unless you get scared very very very easy.

    Welp, that's all for now I suppose.
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  2. Insidious? there's a part 2? :facepalm:
    I remember watching this about a year or two ago with my ex, and it was just fucking horrible. Maybe the worst "horror" movie I've ever seen.
  3. It's a better comedy than a horror movie.
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