Insight as to why Ohno hasn't been called up

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Senhor Perfect, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. I hope he listens, I really want to see him on the big stage.
  2. He'll really regret it if he continues to be stubborn and reject it. It's stupid. Regardless of talent, you need to commit to appearance (perhaps Punk excluded); Daniel Bryan & Ambrose are proof of that.
  3. Just do it faggot. It shouldn't even be that hard, it's not like he's 400 pounds or something. He just has some love handles, he could probably get rid of them in a couple weeks.
  4. If he's so ashamed of working out in front of people couldn't he find a way to do private sessions? It just seems like he has a lack of motivation.
  5. WAR OHNO!

    Fuck you WWE, push FAT OHNO!
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  6. Damn, Ohno is ok and I want to see him in the main roster. Some fresh air should be good imo.
  7. This is a great decision. I personally hope Ohno changes his mindset and works hard to get in good physical shape and be a success.
  8. This guy clearly has an attitude problem and also not dedicated to looking the best WWE just fire his ass

  9. [​IMG]
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