Insightful Paul Heyman Interview

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Really goes deep into how Vince's mind works, he is a strange guy. Paul's an absolute genius though, wish Vince and Triple H would just ignore personal feelings and hire him as head of creative.
  2. Wow.. this interview makes me want to change my username
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  4. If I was Vince I would call Heyman into my office and talk it all out with him on what to do. He's right, you should keep things simple. Bad guy, then build up the bad guy then the good guy beats him up and also a reason on why he beat him up. I also found how Vince sneezes then silence for the next 20 minutes is stupid. And yes, NBA, NFL, MMA and MLB are all competitors Vince. WWE will be better once Vince dies. I know it won't happen but they need to hire Heyman as creative. He's a genius when it comes to this stuff. Play on the wrestlers strength and hide their weaknesses. Fucking genius. 'Nuff said.
  5. I saw this whole interview two years ago. There's other clips of it on Youtube elsewhere. It was done around the time Heyman was *this* close to gaining complete control of TNA, and it really makes you wish that he did.
  6. 2 years ago? I thought it was recent. :dafuq:
  7. I thought it was done in 2010. Either way, quite the interesting interview.
  8. Heyman is a wrestling genius. Vince is senile and seems to take decisions that are completely normal to him but get in the way of WWE's success. Vince should step back from power and Heyman should be Head of Creative.
  9. I could fap to the possibilities of how good WWE could be with Heyman in charge.
  10. Simply removing Vince would already help a lot, if Heyman was there as well things would be very, very good.
  11. What pisses me off is what Paul says isn't difficult to implement. All you need to do is use everyone to their strengths, got a guy with a million $ look but can't work or speak yet? Don't put him on a monster streak team him with an oldie (See Regal) make him work little at 1st but more and more, improving his experience whilst the vet carries the match and promos. If he bombs send him packing, yet if he catches you have a star on your hands and a decent tag division.
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  12. This!

  13. There's Nash's bitter response to what Heyman said about firing all guys who are over 40.
  14. Heyman speaking the truth as always! Plus totally with Seabs and Crayo it isn't rocket science yet time and again WWE push ppl to soon without the correct support and don't always play to there strengths and we end up with what happened with ADR where no one gave a flying fuck about his title reign not because he was poor but because it was just done poorly and not playing on his abilities ADR should've had a slow burn when they decided to make him a ME let him work and work to it building it up with the fans.
  15. ADR IMO was easy to write for, he's got the cars and what not but nothing else. Why should I hate him, because he has a ferarri ? To me that's cool as fuck tbh. He should have been bribing refs, playing off Divas against eachother. Hell even use them to manipulate an opponent. Even have had him pay Nash to take out Punk, for when he won the title. He was a rich douche, who wasn't a douche beyond saying destiny.
  16. My point they needed to build him slowly and put more into the character as I like the guy but him as you said waffling bout destiny all the time sucked donkey balls. He could have been awesome as you say sleeping around, bribes etc. But no!
  17. They put him in the main event right away and now no one cares about him, because he wasn't built or anything. They don't work well with his character at all. And they don't seem to realize this, they just keep booking him in the main event without building his character at all.
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