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  1. Does anyone on the forum use it?
  2. Not at all.
  3. No. Although I stalk girls on it.
  4. Ah, Is it worth it?

    I mean, any decent girls?
  5. I don't know if it's worth it. Unless you like looking at hot girls.:obama:
  6. I frown upon you both.
  7. RESPECT! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  8. Yes I do for a while now.. 118 photo's atm..

    For example, this is one of my pics

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  9. Nice photo Jose, is that a Fuschia kind of colour?
  10. Yeah sort of darker pink.. Just walking around my backyard and seeing stuff like that just makes me want to take a pic of it. :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. It's a nice photo, I would be proud.
  12. Haha thanks dude..

    :dawg: Oh what the heck..

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  13. They are some fantastic photo's Jose. What camera is that?
  14. Naa, I'm not an insecure adolescent girl who needs to get likes from severely photoshopped pictures in order to feel accepted.
  15. Photoshopped is not really the word, my friend. :pity:
  16. I don't know what is then :sad:

    Nice photos by the way.
  17. HTC Sensation XL. :dawg:
  18. Okay, thanks Jose. :dawg: @[Jose Tortilla]
  19. Haha :laugh:

    Not insecure or anything.. Just love nature and you can let it speak in this way..
  20. I dont know this website :Hmm:
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