Intense/Angry Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Anybody else instantly mark? Funny how I'm suddenly excited to see Cena segments now. Serious note though, how many of you are enjoying the slight character change?
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    hope they stick with it and let the kids love Ryder for a while!
  3. If he was allowed to be angry Cena rather then the cheesy good guy Cena wouldn't have half the hate he does. He plays the role so well.
  4. Exactly. People unfortunately gather the hateful emotions like "Cena can't wrestle", "Cena is boring" etc all because of his current gimmick. A little shake-up and I already notice the love Cena gets from the IWC (not just here). He's a great actor, he's got great expressions, he's a decent wrestler to be honest and the guy is so charismatic. He's making this work already.

    Can't wait for the video vignettes of his emotion-change, since WWE have amazing video-editors lol.
  5. You mean, John "I gotta take a sh*t!" Cena?
  6. :rofl:
  7. I'm really enjoying Cena's new Character. He is so much more interesting to watch now. I can't believe how interesting he is. Especiallly with the Kane/Ryder segment on Monday.
  8. Didn't he have a character like that 2 years ago.
    I won't enjoy Cena unless he is Dr of Thuganomics again :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. @[RKO] angry Cena is a good move somethin different for what had become very stale!

    love @[CM Punk]'s description tho haha!
  10. Nah he's never really been like this. He's had a few angry segments once in a while, but this looks as if it'll be a character change.
  11. I know this won't happen but it would be alright if John stood up to Ryder for giving him attitude when Cena was only trying to help.
  12. To be honest that isn't unlikely. It can be booked as Cena losing his temper to his closest friends. "Is the hate getting to him" can then be projected by commentary.
  13. I would just hate to see Cena getting boo'd by the audience. I hate that when it happens to one of your favorite faces.
  14. Think how entertaining he'd be though.
  15. You guys are lucky, don't have any wrestling channel here. :lol:
  16. The shows will be on YouTube the following day or if you want to watch them live pm me and I'll find you a link.
  17. Well thank you, seabs! :emoji_grin:
  18. Where you from @[Sync™]?
  19. Philippines.
  20. Ah yeah I know a couple other members near there that also struggle to view it on television. But don't worry, seabs will give you a method :emoji_grin:.