Kayfabe Intentions.

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  1. *The Last Heroes music hits and only Will and Rhys come out, Antonio is not there because of injuries suffered by Chris Parks. They dance to their music and get into the ring and Will grabs a microphone and before he can speak the crowd erupt into a chant of.. "Let's go Neilson! Let's go Haze!" Will and Rhys start to pump up the crowd as they get louder and louder, Rhys manages to simmer down the crowd as Will begins to talk.*

    Will: I honestly thought I wouldn't be standing here today. That match with Chris Parks tore me and him apart, atleast in the end I silenced everyone and pinned him 1..2..3. I avenged Rhys here, and I'm glad I did, as Chris has decided to move on from us... and attack our new friend Antonio 'Pizza Guy' Stark. *Rhys whispers something into Will's ear.* Oh it's Anarchy Stark? Pft... Pizza Guy suits him.

    Will: Coming up on Sunday we got us a main course... and by main course I mean the freaking Money in the Bank ladder match! *Crowd cheer* Me and Rhys are both in it.... which makes it a 50/50 chance that either me or him will grab that briefcase. Hopefully my mathematics are right... I wasn't the smartest kid in school you know. So our opposition? Jack Jacky Jackaboy Jackooooo Rouge and the guy without a first name.... Cali! It's not the first time I've been in the ring with either of these guys. Let me just say this... they're extremely respectable and nice guys. I faced Jack in an old company known as TWF, it was a fatal 4 way match between me, Jack... and some Eliot and James guy.. I think? Oh well... I won! It wasn't pinning Jack though... I've yet to see what he can fully do in the ring. Cali, another man I've faced, another multi man match I was victorious in... again I didn't pin him but what he can do in the ring is amazing.

    *The Crowd are chanting all 4 men in the Money in the Bank ladder match, with Jack Rouge's name heard the loudest.*

    Will: One of us will win. I can guarantee you that, we are bringing everything that we have got. We have survived tough battles and big opponents but I can promise you that Will Neilson and Rhys Haze will shine in the Money in the Bank ladder ma....

    *Will is interrupted by a theme song too familiar to not recognise, none other than Jack Rouge.*


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  2. *The crowd is driven into a frenzy by Jack Rogue's music, as they are treated to the presence of the second fan favourite in as many minutes*

    *Rogue sprints out from behind the LED board and into the centre of the stage, where he stands still for a moment, arms outstretched. A smile spreads across his face as he soaks up his ovation, as the camera gives a good view of his black tee with its disjointed red lettering, spelling "ROGUE" across the chest, and the rest of his attire. Rogue sprints down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, then stops still again, smirking at the newly backed-up Will Neilson. The veteran stands in the opposite corner, backed up against the turnbuckles as he beckons to the timekeeper, who runs onto the apron to hand Jack a microphone as his music fades*

    Jack: Will. Good to see ya. And, ladies and gentlemen of Las Vegas, Nevada, is it damn good to see you!

    *Turning his back to Neilson, Rogue faces into the crowd to take in the raucous response from the crowd, before spinning around again to continue, as he paces the ring in front of Will*

    Jack: Will... when you say that you haven't seen the full extent of what I can do in the ring, you're absolutely right - you haven't. But come Sunday night, rest assured - or, rather, rest decidedly worried - that that will change. I have been on a run of form in recent weeks the like of which the world hasn't seen since the world first saw Jack Rogue, when I first debuted in TWF almost two years ago. In my Precision debut, I bested one of the premier superstars in this company Alice Xander... *Rogue pauses for a moment and lowers his tone slightly* ...in a match I tried to dissuade him from, and which I won due to his inability to continue after three perfect superkicks. But not only that, last week I beat your buddy, Neilson, the unfortunately absent third of your Last Heroes, Antonio... *Jack leans towards Neilson and winks* ..."Anarchy" Stark, with a superkick in the centre of this ring. Finally... finally, at long last, things are starting to click. The support you people have so generously provided me with through the trials and tribulations of my time in TWF is beginning to pay off, the stars are aligned, I have all the momentum in the world, and it all culminates this Sunday, when I aim to climb the rungs of a ladder to unhook that... *Jack comes to a stop in the centre of the ring and points above his head, to the briefcase hanging from the rafters* ...and crown myself the uncrowned Precision Undisputed Champion of the world - Mr. Money In The Bank!

    *Rogue takes another step towards Neilson - who is still stood in the corner of the ring with eyes set on Jack - and speaks in slow, measured tones*

    Jack: Buddy, I am the veteran here. I have the coolest head and the most experience walking into that arena on Sunday, and it wasn't all too long ago that I was part of TWF's Money In The Bank ladder match - I know what it takes to bring that briefcase down, and I know how it feels to fall from all the way from up there to land on this here canvas. And I don't care how bad you and Rhys want it, how hard you're willing to gang up on me, what tricks Cali pulls out of his bag - hell, I don't care if Antonio Stark limps down to this ring to spoil the fun - one thing is for sure. Whether fortune shines on me to win that contract or not - and I'm going to put my heart, body and soul on the line to get it like I do every night, whether I have to do it once, ten times or a thousand times, I will kick someone's head...

    *Jack spins around to hype the crowd before turning to face Will*


    *The crowd cheer Rogue's determination for a moment, before the Last Heroes' music hits a second time*

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  3. Rhys interrupts Jack after getting tired of his promo

    Rhys: Jack... I'm sorry to tell you but you are looking at Mr. Money in the Bank right here! Or if you look at Will, he could also be Mr. Money in the Bank... What i'm trying to say is that you don't stand a chance. We are the Last Heroes and with or without Tony in the match with us one of us is unhooking that contract. Who cares if you are the 'veteran' Jack? It's all about the new guys these days. *Rhys is showing a more aggresive spirit in anticipation of the match, which the crowd are beginning to notice.* Heh. This is really just a handicap match! Me and Will will beat you down with everything we have, including whatever we can find outside the ring. Il be sitting atop the ladder holding that golden case laughing at you lying cold on the ground. Maybe i've not got the wins to prove what I can do, but you will see it for yourself next sunday my friend. *Will tells Rhys to calm it just as Rhys is starting to go off on Jack. Rhys realises what he has been saying and feels a bit out of character while trying to keep in what he has to say*

    Rhys: Whatever. I'm outta here. I hope you lose Jack! *Rhys throws the mic in the air and Will catches it as he looks at Rhys and wonders whats up with him* *Rhys climbs over the top rope and as soon as his feet hit the ground outside of the ring, a theme song he recognises begins bursting out in the arena. Will realises that Rhys wants to speak his thoughts again and throws the mic he caught back to Rhys* Here comes Cali. Greaaaaaaat. I almost forgot this was gonna be a fatal four way. *Rhys slides back into the ring and awaits Cali's entrance, standing in the ring with Will staring at the entrance ramp*

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    Showing a different side to my character for the ladder match, he just wants to win like everybody else... You are up next Scat to finish this promo off @TheKingSonic @Geek773 @AfricanScatMahn Sorry if it's a bit short guys but its short and sweet I guess :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. *A new theme plays through the speakers and echos around the arena.

    Cali appears from the curtain and onto the stage. Cali hasn't been seen since his loss to Will Nelson in that triple threat match weeks ago and many didn't know how he'll react. Cali has his hood up and wastes no time making his way down the ramp and into the ring. Cali puts his hand out to Jack Rogue in which Jack shakes. Will has his hand out and Cali completely blanks him while he gets given a microphone from the outside. Cali stands there gathering his thoughts.*

    Cali: I'm not shaking that Will, I know where thats been *ohh, turns to Rhys* Well aren't you a little fire cracker. You stand there and you both talk about your little Last Hero pyramid scheme. About no matter who wins, the group wins bull shit. But not this guy *points to Rhys* This guy lives to win, this guy would sell you out for the cooler side of the pillow. Will you seem like a nice enough Guy... But you have no clue what you're getting yourself into. How long will this nice guy act last ??..How long until you realise that Nice guys don't make it in this business. This little Last Hero thing you homies got going. I ain't buying it...Oh and FWI It's just Cali. Okay I get it Cali is that his first name hahaha. It was funny the first time, but now you've dragged that fucker out. You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain and judging by Rhy's sudden out of character response. I guess he's lived long enough. *Cali turns to the crowd.* OMG who knew Cali had a personality... WTF.

    *crowd continue to cheer as Cali turns his attention to Jack Rogue.*

    Cali: Still going for those cheap pops I see. Seriously though homie it's good to finally meet you face to face. I have the ultmost respect for you. So with that respect in mind. I just want you know, that I'll still have no problem kicking your ass. See Homie I've seen everything you've done and I know your moves. But you've only seen me once.. I have the advantage because I'm just capable of doing anything. Ladders will be falling, chairs will be smashing and tables will be broken. And I look forward to every single smash break and fall moment. *Cali pulls down his hood* See cause I live to win, or I die trying. It don't even matter if it's Bust a move, Chris likes them Young or Alice and his little wonder land that wins the championship. Because I'm cashin in on that exact same time and night to become your new World Heavyweight Champion. Accept it or now, or don't I really don't care. Cause I'm gonna show you homies how Cali does it in Cali and if you are gonna do it, do it like Cali.

    *Cali drops the microphone and exits the ring. Cali walks up the ramp, turns around and pretends he's unhooking the briefcase. The segment ends with all men staring down each other down not knowing who to trust and knowing it's every man for themselves.*

    End of segment

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