WrestleMania Intercontinental Title to be defended in MITB style ladder match at WM31

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    Source: http://www.wwe.com/shows/wrestlemania/31/intercontinental-championship-ladder-match-27145665

    Rumors are saying 8 participants including.. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Barrett (of course), R-Truth, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Ryback... possibly 10 if they include Kane and Big Show
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  2. Take out Kane & Big Show and this match seems like it would definitely be one of the highlights of the show.
    Talk about bringing some prestige back to a title.
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    Fuck this shit.

    Bryan, DZ and Ambrose are all moving on to even shittier things? Shocker.
  4. Daniel Bryan fighting for the IC title. Welp, that was fast
  5. How are Ambrose and DZ moving on to shittier things with this? IIRC, Ambrose still hasn't won a solo match at a PPV and DZ hasn't really done much since he returned from being kayfabe fired.
    Obviously you're upset about DB, but at least he hasn't been forgotten. He isn't in the WHC picture- so what? Guy has plenty of time for that. The way people are getting because he isn't in the title picture straight away is annoying. It's not like he's retiring after Mania.

    And back on topic, I'd like to see this.
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  6. Hopefully Slater gets in and wins the belt.
  7. A ladder match has a greater chance of being more entertaining and memorable than just an ordinary multi-man match does, so no complaints from me. Plus, if not for this match, most of these guys would have just been thrown into the Andre Memorial Battle Royal, and we don't want that, now do we?

    I hope they just book it to include six men instead of overcrowding it with eight, though. Six is always the perfect set number for a match like this. Barrett, Ambrose, Bryan, Ziggler, Harper, and a returning Sheamus, maybe. Big Show, Kane, and Ryback can all take part in the Andre Memorial Battle Royal instead. Rowan and R-Truth, too. (Realistically though, it'll probably be something like Barrett/Ambrose/Bryan/Ziggler/Rowan/Show/Kane/Harper.)
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    Whoever wins the IC title, and I'm guessing it'll be Ambrose, it's not gonna help him, except that 'Yay, I've just won my first PPV!'. That title is cursed.

    I'm not upset about DB not being in the WWE-WHC title picture, it's just that I'd much rather have him vs Sheamus at Mania, the odds of that happening aren't big and if it wasn't for this IC title Ladder match, he may've wound up in ATGMBR, so whatever.

    As far as DZ goes, I'm used to them not doing anything with him. Oh, well... I hope the build-up to this match changes the way I feel about it right now.
  9. Never said this before: but I really hope Bryan wins the match.
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  10. Well now that DB is in this match, which I don't mind because he could steal the show, I have a feeling he might win it. I don't see him losing considering he just lost to reigns, was booted from the rumble early, and now is going To mania in what some might consider a "belittling" match for a main eventer like himself.

    I love this idea, however. The ladder match should be great. I would've rather seen DB fight The Rock or something, but this won't be bad...
  11. Better be anyone but the champion, tired of seeing big matches with many challengers and the champ always coming up on top, lets see someone unpredictable win.
  12. Combine this with the Battle Royale and it seems like the entire roster is going to be put to the test for this year's Wrestlemania event.
  13. It's kind of funny to think that coming out of Wrestlemania, the top two babyfaces of the company might be holding the two midcard belts (Bryan the Intercontinental Title, Cena the United States Title) while the most rejected babyface in the company is the one holding the world title.
  14. How is Reigns any more "rejected" than Cena? Cena has plenty of crowds who treat him like a heel
  15. Cena at least has other things like merch sales, house show attendance, etc. to justify his popularity. I know Reigns is early into his push, but still, it's a funny scenario regardless.
  16. 8 guys is too much, kind of a cluster fuck, six is better, Bryan should win he might elevate the title and plus I am tired seeing go after the world title. He needs to stay fresh.
  17. only the nerdiest of nerd fans know dick about merch sales or house show attendance. Crowd reaction is all most fans go by when talking about popularity
  18. The hatred of Cena made many "smarky" fans to label a bunch of german suplexes as a legit MOTYC, as Brock beating his ass became a draw on it's own. Does Reigns have anywhere near this kind of "heel" heat? No, seems like if you take the booking out of it, the fans like Roman. Don't love him, but WWE thinks they're lining up at the altar for him.

    Anyway, LETS CLIMB A LADDER TO RACE TO THE BOTTOM!!! If Ziggler and Ambrose are involved in the IC Title scene, at least with a Ladder Match they'll leave without looking like complete assclowns for a change! :bodallas: Also, Wrestlemania has something exciting on it! :bodallas:
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  19. It doesn't matter whether most fans know it or not, fact is Cena is still the company's biggest money maker and the reason for it is because live audiences comprise only a fraction of the overall fan-base, and Cena does have a large fan-base of his own. That's the very reason he wasn't turned heel a long time ago. Besides, if you wanna bring up the audience, just look in the crowd and you'll see that on almost any given night, there's more people wearing Cena merch than anything else.

    If Reigns doesn't pick up any steam on the merchandise front, if he doesn't start to move ratings, if he doesn't affect house show business and if he doesn't gain back a lot of his positive crowd reactions either, then the company will eventually have to admit that he isn't "The Guy" and thus what didn't happen with Cena back then will likely happen with Reigns, and that's an eventual heel turn. They'll stick with him for a year, maybe more, but otherwise....
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  20. Yeah man, nothing shittier than a kick ass ladder match at Mania. Who booked this shitty shit?
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