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  1. The current condition of the IC title is horrible, the title is treated like crap by WWE, things were looking good when Cody Rhodes won it and changed it, it was elevated and it was relevant, but since he dropped it to Miz it has lost everything.
    Sometimes I even get the feeling that they care more about the US title than they care about the IC title since they actually book feuds over it unlike the IC title which we haven't seen any feud over it since Wade Barrett won it from Kofi about 2 months ago.

    Why do you think they are booking it this poorly?
    And what do you think WWE should do to elevate the title's status?

  2. I agree with you. The title was so awesome when Cody had it.

    Anyway, for me, they should make proper rivalries over the "smaller" titles, like the old days; like you said, the title was relevant. Now it just seems like a show-filler for when they have some extra time. Right now, we don't even know who Wade Barrett is supposed to have some beef with.

    So for me, they need to get two charismatic people who can play off each other and then sit down and really create something that can get the audience engaged and even potentially rival a top feud.
    It seems like they really sat down and took the time to plan something over the other titles, like having Stone Cold and The Rock feud over the IC title before, for example.

    For me, my opinion could be applied to all other titles, not just the IC.
  3. Cody never dropped it to Miz.
  4. Even when Cody had it it was barely relevant. Who can you personally remember that Cody feuded with over it other than Show? The only reason why it seemed relevant was because Cody was relevant at the time, it still wasn't defended ever and had no real storyline behind it.

    Now it's worse, what with Wade getting jobber entrances on Raw and Smackdown. But its still always been pretty irrelevant.

    The only way to make it relevant is to give it TV time, not treat the champion like a upper midcard jobber and give it real feuds.
  5. The only time it was really relevant in recent memory was when Cody held it yes, but that was because at the time it was fatured heavily on Smackdown and Vince didn't have anything to do with Smackdown at the time. It was booked and written by its main writer who was given full confidence.
  6. The IC title hasn't been relevant for at least 3 years now imo, it's a sad state of things that Codys lacklustre reign is considered one of the best almost by default. Zigglers was good also however but even that was a after thought.
  7. Its been shocking for a long time. Hardly a surprise when the WWE struge to book guys in the ME at times. Guys in the midcard have no chance. They just dont write feuds or build storylines for these guys or titles properly its stupid. Look at Barrett how many theme changes and minor gimmick changes we had as well its just a shambles in these areas at the min. Which is a shame as they should be using these titles meaning the IC and US to raise awareness of stars and springboard them to glory. But imo thats stopped a lot since MITB. As thats whats become important.
  8. I'd say the title hasn't been all that relevant for around ten or fifteen years. It wasn't defended at Wrestlemania for ten years except for that 21 second match at WM24, and it won't be defended this year. The last time it might have felt special on a consistent basis was in the Attitude Era during the classic Rock/Triple H feud over the title in 1998 (I think Benoit/Jericho's feud in 2000 was over the title, but I can't remember and that was only just one feud anyhow.) Even when guys like Randy Orton (it did feel special when he lost it to Edge at Vengeance 2004) or Shelton Benjamin had it for awhile, they didn't defend it a whole lot. I missed a lot of stuff that happened around 2007-2010 so I don't know how prestigious it was then.

    At this point, it's almost like titles that aren't called the WWE Title or the World Heavyweight Championship are just kept around because they've always been around. They clearly have no interest in building the credibility of the midcard titles so that they mean anything, which is sad considering the IC Title was so prestigious at one point that they used to run B house shows like they do now, only with the IC Title headlining those shows. And they would sell out places like Madison Square Garden and other huge arenas. But the WHC fills in that role now.

    I wouldn't even say the US Title is all that special nowadays. The Miz feud was just one feud for how many months that Caesro has had the belt? And it seems to be over now. Then there's all the times that Caesro has jobbed, only the match happens to always be non-title when it happens...
  9. I think it's the most beautiful belt compared to the others and I still think they should all be as important as each other :/. I always hate how the US/IC champions Job to people so much, they're supposed to look strong!
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  10. You are right, he dropped it to Christian.
    Sorry about that. :downer:
  11. IC Title hasn't meant shit since....



    dat ass :robbie:
  12. The best looking one


    I'd unify the two titles . Don't know why and bring back the cruiseweight championship
  13. I think that if Jericho or Miz wins it it'll start to be more prestigious and then it'll be the good title we all know it is. Maybe is a "small" title but it's still a great title
  14. Well, no surprise. They never get TV time nor big feuds over it and are rarely defended. And when there are feuds they get little TV time and are random and generic. Plus, they make the midcard champs job all the time anyway.
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