Interested in adding one Moderator.

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  1. We have a Moderator user group at the moment but no one is in it. We have Big Hoss and CM Drunk in Staff, that user group can moderate every single section. I want to add one more wrestling moderator, IE, a user group with moderator permissions only in the wrestling sections.

    Why? Because I pride myself on making this forum flame-free. A lot of people leave other wrestling forums because they get dumped on for ideas/threads which may seem stupid to others. By dumped on, I mean they get rudely flamed. As we get bigger, the more we have and will continue to see things like this going on here.

    I'm posting this here because as of today I'll be watching every user in those wrestling sections, scouting. What are the requirements? Activity, professionalism, grammar, friendliness etc. Activity is the key one as is friendliness.

    I must stress that the user group isn't the same colour as Staff, it can not do as much as Staff, but you will have the same permissions as them in the wrestling sections. You will be in charge of keeping the sections organised (with Staff) and flame-free. You will be briefed in more detail once you get accepted.

    Lastly, this will be open until I found one. There is no deadline. I don't expect PM's from users asking me if it's them, or if I've found one yet. This could be here for another month, who knows.

    Good luck!
  2. I don't want to be nosy, but it's color*.
  3. Oh god not this again.

    And it's nosey :true:
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  4. Nosey.
  5. And you used it in the complete wrong context.

  6. :true:


  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'm personally not going to go for the position however good luck to those who wish to moderate and the best of luck.
  8. Well I would want to do it but I idk if everyone would agree with me being a Moderator User. Though I will talk you if I would get pick I would act like Moderator User not like I act now.
  9. #Savage4Mod
  10. Btw, it's rumor*, not rumour.

    And yes, we're having a discussion about this. Deal with it Captain Darling and/or haters. :boss:
  11. Can we nominate a person ?
  12. Nope since picking a moderator in my opinion depends on the Administrators as there's lots of factors to determine before hand. Though we do listen to all members and we won't stop you expressing opinions on who you want/don't want as long as it doesn't turn nasty.
  13. Won't be me.

  14. Could be anyone broski.
  15. Well, if you need my help, I'm here. I was absent yesterday and the day before because I got TEW 2010 and was playing it a little bit, but now I'm back.
  16. Mmm-k
  17. What's TEW? :O
  18. Total Extreme Wrestling, a game..

    Use Google brah..:facepalm1:


    BY. THE. WAY..

    I would like to apply for the job..
    If Crayo's ok with it, he knows the requirements..
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