Interesting article regarding Cena and Ryder.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 15, 2012.


    I so hope they make it that Zack simple "doesn't want to be around Cena" any-more. After all the work Cena has done for Ryder, he ditches him because of the Kane saga. Making Cena obviously get more angry and it's yet another place mat set on the table of heel-turn. Epic metaphor right there from Crayo.

    Anyway, discuss.
  2. My god I hope you're right and they do that. That might reinstall my faith in WWE pulling a heel turn here. I'm slowly moving over towards the "Cena will yet again rise above hate" being the outcome.
  3. I really like cena and ryder togther
  4. I'm actually a fan of those being "best mates" too to be honest.