Interesting Bleacher Report Article Regarding TNA "idiotic moments"

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  1. Cant be bothered to read, i only get my wrestling information here.

    The writing has been corny, but the booking/matches have been amazing. Those tag matches, that knockouts match, that bully build over sting.....i watch TNA for match quality, not to enjoy the days of our lives (which i still obviously would)

    I dont care about how shotty some of the writing has been, i assume most of it is hogan/dixie (pushover/sting/who knows based. I just enjoy seeing people like roode go in the ring and do their own thing. That is why TNA>wwe.
  2. Gotta say, the legitimacy of this report went down the shitter with this terrible statement right in te opening:

    "A.J. Styles is a second-rate Sting from 1997" - :harvey:
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  3. Now, teflon arguments against each and every of these "idiotic moments" except in the case of DOC (even there, we could say DOC was just being an asshole, but I'll be generous and say they're right in that one).

    1. Sabin doesn't want the WHC shot - the reports clearly themselves don't pay attention to details as Sabin specifically said that, after TWO torn ACls, he's kinda sceptic about it. One year ago, he wouldn't mind trading in because he had only ONE torn ACL. Now, he's simply reserved as two torns are too much. But in the end, once again I say it, it just WON'T MATTER. Why? Sabin will trade in. Yes, he will.

    2. Crimson jobs to Joseph Park - these guys have clearly never heard of the bigger story behind something going on, did they? TNA has something good in plans for Crimson, you just know and you can tell it by the way he lost, the way he looked after the match, and Bully Ray said in a Q&A that he wants Crimson in An8.

    3. Matt Morgan failure - yet again, these guys don't know it's not that simple. Should Morgan beat Sting last month? Yes. Should he have been the champ already? Yes.
    But again, you can just feel TNA has other plans for Morgan. He didn't renew the contract last year for nothing.

    4. Sting is bringing the new MEM - "Let’s try to make sense of this for a moment: A babyface is threatening to bring back a heel stable that he was kicked out of to battle other heels?" - what a terrible writers. They have balls to write this after Sting specifically said he's bringing in his OWN, and NEW family. And they have the guts to write that. FACEPALM AS FUCK
    Plus this: "TNA really doesn’t need a group of young guys playing second fiddle to Sting in 2013, but it looks like that’s the road we’re headed down." - these are just your own personal indications, there's zero proof to it. Zero. And just a writer trying to be super-smart and speaking out of his ass.

    Terrible writers all along, IMHO. You can see they don't hate TNA, but they really are ignorants in a big way, that don't pay attention to details themselves, so that's a double standard, and everybody can fuck off with that. But hey, they got 1 out 5 correct, right?
  4. Sabin not wanting the world title - Hasn't been announced has it? Secondly imagine if he won the X division title then a week later just said lol I don't want this I'm going for the world title, it makes the title look so poor it's unreal. It worked with Aries as he wanted competition after becoming king of the X division over a year long reign, Sabin should show some thought in it to increase the title's prestige. It shouldn't just be a world title shot, it still needs to be a title too. Plus you build up a potentially great underdog story of Sabin doubting if he can win the big one and whether gambling is worth it given it was high risks which cost him 2 year of his career, plus you're putting over bully here. This isn't a guy he wants to dive head first in with.

    DOC breaks ranks - no he didn't he showed some dissent after being overlooked as VP, this is foreshadowing cracks in the Aces and 8s. It wasn't great booking but it makes sense if you watch the show, plus he was hesitant to agree in the Club House.

    Crimson jobbing - We'll see where it goes, calling it a mistake this early is ridiculous.

    Mafia - The bulletproof one covered it, it isn't the MEM it's a MEM.

    Morgan - Him jobbing to Sting made sense (Sting was chasing redemption and Morgan going in for the title that early doesn't help Bully or him, it's similar to Ryback / Punk at HIAC no matter what you book you hit a brick wall. As for his lack of a push after I semiagree, he has been floating in and out of Impact without direction for a while now which is a huge waste. Still I'll hold out hope they have something planned.

    That's 5 and none are really idiotic bar Morgan potentially, if you want idiotic then TNA have had some bigger moments such as the band winning the tag titles (plus EY's random turn to join them), Hardy losing the title at Genesis to a half dead Anderson before reclaiming it the next month, RVD getting any title reign, the KOs title changing hands from a lockbox match, electrified cages, Rellik (Killer backwards, you know) and the random rebrandings of the Global / TV/ Legends title. That's just the past few years too.
  5. Only one I even sort of agree with is Crimson. But as the others have pointed out, way too soon to just label that as a TNA fuck up.
  6. I'll bite on this too I suppose, hook line and jackass...

    -Reading the writer's tone I'm already wanting to not agree with him. He seems like one of those guys who wants to watch TNA fail, seems like there's as many of those guys as there are fans of the product these days :pity:.

    -Sabin: One criticism (or backdoor compliment, however you look at it) I have with TNA booking is that a lot of things look terrible on the surface before they eventually make them good. The whole Sabin thing just sounds ludicrous (why wouldn't you want the title?), but it's keeping it in our eyes that Sabin's a potential "hero" that could save TNA, and if the old guys really start turning to him things could really heat up for his push. Plus it's getting the X-DIvision champion something to do on TV every week, so thank goodness for small favors.

    -DOC: Far from stupid but don't know where this going and don't care to find out. Looks like a lot of the irrelevant members of Aces and Eights will be weeded out over the next few months just to keep the group on TV. Good.

    -Crimson: Agreed, that was silly. Crimson really needed to return stronger than that, surely they can do something with him to salvage this. A buddy of mine commented on this one saying that Crimson winning this match was better for everyone involved, it's easier to find another spot for Park, Crimson gets a nice rub (beating Joseph Park = easy heel heat) and it doesn't cut a hole in Park's loveable underdog character. But maybe they have other plans for Crimson, lets find out.

    -A New Mafia: Oooooh, the Main Event Mafia's coming back! Tune in next week to find out who they are! Yeah, this should actually be a pretty good ratings ploy here in 20 minutes but that's all we know at this point. Thing is imo there's no way this can be logical, but we don't know yet so we can't call it stupid that's for sure

    -Morgan: Agree 150%. It's the Ryback treatment to where he hasn't actually been "buried", but he's lost so much momentum that he almost needs a complete repackaging. The story of the scorned loner who's pointing out all the flaws in Hogan's management was very compelling after they finally stopped dragging their feet and did something with it, but now he just feels like he's a complainer that can't get it done. (Yeah he's only lost 2 matches but they were both high-profile and he's so sparingly used).
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