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    "I don’t consider it wrestling. I’ve done wrestling. Everywhere. And just by being a good wrestler you can become popular. But not here. It’s more important to be entertaining than it is to be a great wrestler. It’s fascinating to me. Some things just stick. Why it happens, I have no idea."


    What do you make of this guys?
  2. It's true. Some of the best wrestlers in the world wouldn't make it in WWE, because you have to bring a lot more to the table. The fan bases of all the independent products are so different to the global fan base of WWE.
  3. I agree in a sense. Wrestling still does matter in the WWE but not as much as it used to. It is both what the second to last and last letter in its name says. Wrestling and Entertainment. They walk hand in hand but entertainment is the dominant partner. And I understand why. If you wrestler in front of a 2-3 million people large TV crowd every week you need to find ways to make yourself stand out. In ring skills only is only going to carry a select few to the top. 9 out of 10 times you need to have charisma, character, IT factor and an entertaining personality. Bryan has showcased that he has that. He was great as a slimy heel during his WHC run. Then he turned manipulative and aggressive and now he is showing that he can work both as a serious and comedic face.
  4. Indeed nice comments, I agree.
  5. People that are the best WRESTLER should come before the endertrainer! YES THIS IS ENDERTRAINMENT!But it same to me :vince: have forgot that it WRESTLING! IT SHOULD BE WRESTLING BEOFRE ENDERTRAINMENT!
  6. He kinda stated the obvious. In the North American wrestling market - which the WWE dominates - charisma and gimmick/personality is what makes you a superstar more so than great wrestling skill. The main tools you need for inside the ring is the ability to "work" - which means know how to put on a match and make it look real without actually hurting or stiffing the other guy (that's the 'art' of professional wrestling, hence why people believed it was a work for so many years) - and the psychology required to get people emotionally involved in the match. Such as the way Hogan could build sympathy for himself so that people just awaited for the moment when he finally Hulked Up.

    This is why people doubted for years that Daniel Bryan would ever make it to the WWE, much less succeed there. Because he was a great technician in the ring but probably didn't have the charisma to make people care about him enough to look beyond just what he could in the ring.
  7. UH!? :yes: :yes: :yes:? :no: :no: :no:? " I am the Tag Team Champion!", Goatface the I hated!, How is he not have the charisma to get people to him!? He should have been catch fase man of year for all hthe catch fase that fans catch on to!
  8. I was talking pre-WWE days, obviously.
  9. Being charismatic and quality on the mic is a huge contributor to a wrestler's success in the WWE. If the WWE was only about wrestling, then they wouldn't have individual storylines like they do and build up rivalries. The audience can use what they know about the character outside of the ring to decide if they love them or hate them. It gives the audience the opportunity to invest in a character which I personally enjoy. In this entertainment industry, it's not just about being a good wrestler anymore - you have to be very well-rounded and talented to get supported by the audience. That can be a good and a bad thing depending on how you look at it.
  10. Agreed. But I also view it as more of a challenge for wrestlers, because you have to also have that promo skill to get you to the top. But it's true, wrestling isn't as appreciated as it used to be, but I supposed that's why they call it World Wrestling Entertainment now, instead of Federation.
  11. They're not even called that now. They're like MTV and AMC - they like to just be called WWE.
  12. Yes, but theres a difference. WWE is still WWE, its still true to its name, World Wrestling Entertainment, its about wrestling, and its a lot about entertainment now.

    MTV should just be renamed to RTV for Reality Television, because it isn't even true to its name anymore. AMC? Don't watch that channel much, so idk.
  13. AMC (originally known as American Movie Classics) is good for Breaking Bad.
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