Hell in a Cell Interesting fact regarding HIAC's main event

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Regarding Rollins vs. Ambrose being the main event of Hell In a Cell, that was the first time since November 23rd, 1994, at Survivor Series, that two WWE Superstars under the age of 30 headlined a singles match on pay-per-view. The main event that night was a 29 year old Undertaker vs. a 28 year old Yokozuna in a casket match.​

    Source: PWMania

    Sure it was Hell in a Cell, but it's a start. Babysteps. First Hell in a Cell, then WrestleMania.
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  2. Kewl fact. I'm glad Rollins vs Ambrose was THE main event.

    Rollins vs Ambrose to headline WM31? I could live with that. Rollins cashes in on Lesnar, Ambrose wins the Rumble. Seems pretty damn good in my book.
  3. Pretty cool fact, had never thought about that. Nice find.
  4. Was certainly a hell of a lot better than that casket match was, too.
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