Interesting Ryback/Alicia Fox photo

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  1. Found this pic online so not only is Ryback following porn stars on twitter but he lifts WWE divas with one arm like this pic with Alicia Fox. i wonder how many other WWE divas he fools around with backstage or how many WWE divas hes banged. This guy is a stud

  2. Pretty sure they're just playing around in a friendly manner. Glad that the two get along though.
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  3. Alicia Fox would so get it though. Holy shit.
  4. Meh. 4/10. They've got to show they get on well with each other. Means nothing imo.
  5. They were just having fun and playing around
  6. They're clearly doing it!!
  7. I love how everyone assumes they're banging because he's posing for a photo, lifting her up with one arm... :facepalm1:
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  8. I wasent assuming. Anyways its cool to see the big guy hang out with divas
  9. Claiming something about someone that you don't know it's true or not is assuming, idiot.
  10. Oh my,Alicia took a picture with Ryback,that must mean she's cheating on Barrett! Quick someone go tweet that to him and call her a slut!
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  11. I dont think Wade Barrett dated Alicia they are just friends
  12. They've been dating since late 2010,idk if they're still dating now but I'm fairly certain they are.
  13. Well thats surprising. So Ryback hangs out with other guys girl lol
  14. I took a photo with Jamie Lynn Spears. We're clearly banging.
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  15. Group photo = orgy
  16. this is so interesting, ive never heard a female refer to other females while AT THE SAME TIME referring to dudes running through women as studs. You must get passed around in the D&D party scene. Those dudes are such studs.
  17. Am I the only person thinking that Ryback is struggling?
  18. Ryback reminds me of Hank from Breaking Bad... Like if he did steroids and hung women from his arms.
  19. Ryback played Hank in the show. Duh.....
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  20. Ohhh before the roids. Gotcha.