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  1. So my mum phones me and says: "Tell your dad to pick me up behind the shop after work, I've won a prize and it's massive." So I'm like alright whatever.

    So she gets home and the box is huge, like 3ft tall by 5ft wide. It says 'Falcon Cycles - Claud Butler' on the side. And I'm like, why have you got a bike? She says she won it at work as part of a competition ran by Casio the watch maker. It was a nation-wide competition and the more Casio watches you sell, the more 'points' you get in the national league table, meaning a bigger better prize. So apparently from November - January she sold enough Casio watches to be in the top #11 throughout the country, as the top prize was a car, then 10 of these bikes.

    So I look on the side of the box and it has the make/model, turns out it's this bike:

    So basically she got a £450 bike for free, she didn't even know there was a competition going. Shame it wasn't the car as that would have been more pratical, but hey, I'll take the bike.

    Here's a picture of it:
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    Note, handlebars are in the wrong way, just put them in like that while we were connecting the wires etc, will turn them around later.

    So yeah, my story for today :otunga:
  2. Sell it on Ebay and make some bank.
  3. She said if it was sold I wouldn't get the cash, she would. So not much point really, I'd rather use it.
  4. :true:
  5. Wow, nice.

    Question: If she didn't know there was a competition going on, why was she selling watches so incredibly frequently?
  6. It's her job I would assume :silva:
  7. Shit, didn't include that in the OP.

    She works at H Samuels. Watches are like their biggest product to sell (in terms of quantity.)
  8. Ah I see, congratulations. Send her my love, or I can just do it later :pipebomb:
  9. I can't ride a bike for shit.
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