Interesting take on Ambrose's career

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Shadow, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Very tl;dr-ish, but it was a really interesting take. Really good read for the fellow Ambrose marks.
  2. That was a good read.

    I fucking love Dean Ambrose!

    Hopefully the brass will pull their heads out of their asses and make this guy THE champ someday soon (like SummerSlam 2016 soon or somehow miraculously at this year's Mania, but that's prolly a far-fetched thought).
  3. Can't say I agree
  4. I just read a 3,000 word mountain of text by some fucking Ambrose mark

    my day has been productive
  5. tl;dr version : Dean is da man

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  6. It's nice to see some people are still optimistic. I love Ambrose, but I'd never write that much about how I think his career has been all intentional. It's laughable to think that this was some plan from the start, same way some think that the WWE created Bryan's movement on purpose. Commendable though.
  7. fuck no I am not reading that shit:fact: :ambrose3:
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  8. Great read. I still don't see Dean winning, but I think he's the best face on the roster
  9. Not a "fan" of his per se but he is a good wrestler and knows how to entertain.
  10. It's funny looking back at 2014 following the disintegration of The Shield and seeing how Ambrose was booked in a manner that resembled the glory days of a rebellious Steve Austin in terms of how he was raising hell to try and get his hands on Rollins for betraying them, while Reigns felt more like Lex Luger by being put in a bunch of title matches that he wasn't gonna win. Ambrose was in the hottest feud of the year and clearly far more over than Reigns, but look who gets the bigger push regardless. I mean, I totally get why they'd want to push a guy with Reigns' look, but still.

    Looking at things now, Ambrose's star still shines brighter than Reigns' whenever they're on-screen together. His interactions with Lesnar are more captivating, too. Basically, Reigns is a nobody. I like Reigns, but standing alongside Dean, he's a nobody. Even the The Rock himself would languish feelings of inferiority if he were to stand within the presence of Dean Ambrose.
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