Interesting thought about Ziggler & Briefcase

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  1. If the WHC match comes before Cena/Ziggler (which presumably will be 2nd last or possibly even last) - then couldn't they have Ziggler cash in so that he has no briefcase for the match against Cena?

    This means Ziggler gets the belt, but they can still have Cena go over Ziggler.

    It could turn into a normal match?
  2. If Dolph cashes in successfully I am pretty sure the ladder match would automatically be for the World Championship. No way they wouldn't have one of the big titles on the line during the ppv.
  3. If this happens they'll just make the match for the strap - which is where I see them going with it. They're not just gonna randomly decide that their ME is meaningless.
  4. Yeah, I called that sometime ago somewhere. Dolph cashes in before his match and wrestles Cena for the belt later on.
  5. If that's the case I really hope they let Ziggler go over. I'm so sick and tired of Super Cena as champion. He's been in the WWE for ten years and has had 12 championship runs. I hate to use a cliche but I've "Cena" nuff :otunga:
  6. So make it for the strap. Then you have Ziggler vs Cena for the WHC in a Ladder match, which results in Mark Henry returning and laying out Cena and Ziggler, and Ziggler recovers first to sneak a win.

    Giving Cena the briefcase makes absolutely no fucking sense and means Ziggler loses his only chance at the WHC in the near future..
  7. I think Danny posted something like this.
    Ziggler must go over.
  8. Agreed. But since Cena beat Dolph on Raw one or two weeks ago I'm pretty sure that if the match happens, Ziggler will retain the title. I don't think it'll be a clean finish but he'll retain.
  9. Would set up the shield well imo.
  10. Never even thought of that.

    If not Henry attacking them, The Shield attacks Cena (as they did on RAW) - that would make perfect sense.
  11. Ziggler must win, no matter the circumstances.
  12. Its a great idea and a big curve ball as nobody will expect something like this to happen....

    And as many already said, Dolph has to go over, its not even an option for him to lose...
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