Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. Watching RAW live as I make this (adverts now), and Rock was boo'd twice as his name was mentioned. Also, when they said he wasn't appearing, he was boo'd again and then a "bullshit" chant started. Do you actually think is simply because the crowd is smark-hot tonight, or do you think Rock will actually lose a lot of his cheers from now on?
  2. Yeah, probably. Him now showing up has even annoyed me, such a shit move. Haha
  3. Smark crowd that chanted Bryans name first raw after Mania last year
  4. He'll come back cut a promo and the majority will have wet patches again.
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  5. He can stay in Hollywood for ever for me. Shame his fake injury tweet indicates he'll be back.

    Rumour is he was booked for Extreme Rules. Wonder if that still applies after his walk out?!?
  6. Smark crowd. He was advertised up until 5 mins before the show started. Justin Roberts announced it, gave Rock heat. The thing is when he returns he'll get a good ovation, because it's a return.
  7. Just the smark crowd. He'll be cheared from the rafters when he comes back.
  8. Smark crowd, sadly.
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