Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 30, 2013.

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  2. More stuff...

  3. Please no Brit. I'll take cats but not this.
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  4. Thought of @Crayo for this one... I am sure you will understand why. :pity: :lol1:

  5. Are you implying that he's fat or just plain lazy :>
  6. No... the whipped cream is the joke. :haha:
  7. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  8. get back to your cave mr wippy nippies
    sry didnt mean that hows the internet situation
    i bought csgo for jono and xanth so we can play when you get back
    jono couldnt play last night because comp too bad
    xanth play abit then he rage say game stupid just die after die but thrn he got better and liked
    n e way all d best
    love coon and all WWEF
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  9. dear coon,
    internet troubles still concerning and real. think it might last a while even when i finally move.
    glad you got others into cs:go but not glad that u bought that fat fuck jono it when he buys domino's all the time. stop being so kind.
    lol jono used to jonobrag about his PC being better than mine, turns out mine runs it easily.
    typical xanth ragin but hope he enjoys. i cant wait to own u all bro (except u cuz i ly)
    hows being a coon? still having trouble from the niggas down L street? hit me up for a piece if u need 1.
    love crayo and my cat Drake
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