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  1. How Rey's suspension is over in 2 weeks yet he hasn't been advertised for anything. Maybe he will return on the 1000th episode of RAW? It's been a long time since Rey's been on RAW.

  2. to hell with Rey and his dumbass theme song
  3. I'm excited to see Rey back, should make for some good matches, hopefully Hunico.
  4. Rey Vs Cara would be a really good match.
  5. WM worthy imo.
  6. Without doubt it's two of Mexico's biggest stars, well two of the biggest active. I should imagine it would be similar to Rock / Hogan for the Mexican audience.
  7. Rey vs. Sin Cara v. Sabu vs. Evan Bourne in a Extreme rules match
  8. It's possible that he returns on Raw 1000. I don't know, but from some other news, he'll be back as soon as possible after his suspension.
  9. I was thinking he will return on July 23rd as well
  10. I was thinking they would wait until the 1000th episode, but I bet in their eyes they think they need him back sooner.
  11. imagine if rey and cara faceoff on his return
  12. the return of the cruiserweight title will be announced at the 1000th raw and there will be a battle royal to determine the winner... then rey comes down and wins it :gusta: then he feuds with sin cara
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