Internal Reaction to Fandango's Popularity

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  1. WWE's Twitter accounts continue to push the Fandango Revolution, asking fans and popular brands to take the "Fandango challenge" and upload video of them doing the Fandango. Fandango tweeted this to the Houston Texans cheerleaders for their video we posted earlier this week:

    "I would like to personally thank all the TX Cheerleaders for all the support. Ill b holding private dance lessons in Houston in May. #hugs"

    Regarding internal reaction to Fandango's popularity this week, Vince McMahon and other officials are very happy with the way things have turned out. Fandango has been a "pet project" for Vince McMahon.


    I can already hear Cole mentioning Fandango every 5 minutes and begging people to do Fandango related shit. inb4overkill
  2. Yeah, they always have to blow everything out of proportion. I can already tell this is going to get annoying.
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  3. It was already getting annoying on Smackdown.

    god help us
  4. ITT the IWC already turns on Fandango. So predictable.

    I'm glad he's over.
  5. I love Fandango. That doesn't mean WWE isn't going to ruin him with over saturation
  6. 2 episodes so far with "Fandangoing" - overkill

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  7. I never knew you were a Fandango mark, good taste D'Z, good taste. Yeah there is a difference from turning on the performer and being annoyed by the gimmick being pushed too much. A lot of people hate D Bry's gimmick but still love the performer.
  8. Fandango beats Barrett or Cesaro for the IC/US title at ER. You heard it here first.
  9. Fandango marks aren't rare. He's the buzz in the IWC at the moment lol. Fandango is hilarious; his gimmick is fantastic. Is it bad that I actually hate his theme though? I feel like I'd be the social reject if I went to that RAW live event.
  10. Now let's get my quote correct. I said it started to get annoying on Smackdown, and was referencing the amount of mentions Fandango got during DZ's main event.

    I love the character, but if we get 25 mentions a show about him, Fandagoing or the crowd humming it is going to get old quickly.
  11. He won me over on Raw last week. After Jericho beat his ass so fierce and he grabbed the mic to correct Justin Roberts I fucking died laughing.


    its.... Fawn.... dawnnnnnnnn... goooooooooooooooo

    it was like his last dying gasp of breath and I lost it :laugh:
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  12. I like Fandango too, and as I said it's not that annoying yet, but if on every show we get "well hey x person or y group of people is fandangoing, check it out we're mainstream, fandangoing fandangoning" thirty times it's going to get annoying.
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  13. I started to zing you about being a social reject but I'll refrain

    You are welcome, sir.
  14. Lol same. Went from slight fan of his to big fan. That was hilarious.

    oh, dammit, thank God you stopped... :phew:

  15. Don't patronize my badassery. Next time you won't get off with a verbal warning.
  16. Really? Source plz.
  17. I disagree. He'a facing Jericho again. Plus SCSA said he's winning a title so I actually heard it from him first. :pity2:
  18. I agree about him being shoved down our throats. The same happened with AJ last year. She started to get some reactions and attention, and then they threw her all over the TV, first in the middle of the Punk/Kane/Bryan feud, then the Bryan/Punk feud, then the General Manager role, then all the shit that came after, etc. At least I thought she became overbearing.

    I hope they handle Fandango better. I love the gimmick, and as I mentioned before, he reminds me of "The Model" Rick Martel, a gimmick I also liked. His Arrogance perfume vignettes were awesome.
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  19. I am a huge Fandango fan, I think he's hilarious and his leg drop is sick. Even one of my sisters, who I guess is an occasional casual fan, loves the guy and finds him entertaining.
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