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    This is a concept that was hot to trot back on MP last year. After weeks of laborious work, there were 7/8 guys ready to go and then the plug was pulled on MP and it never came to fruition on this site. I'm bringing it back with the belief that the interest and creativity is still here in these parts. Prove me right.


    Basically the IBL is a modern day version of what the NWA once was back before wrestling was monopolized by the WWF. In this alternate universe every mainstream promotion has collapsed which means every wrestler in North America is out of contract and essentially free agents. The IBL was founded and financially backed by a mysterious Board of Directors who are given the chance to promoters to form their own promotion under the IBL banner with the guarantee of a weekly TV deal and monthly PPV deal. IBL promotions are under no threat of competition from outside promotions, however, they will be competing with other IBL promotions in a war of ratings, pride, success and recognition. Who knows? Two promotions could become allies, two promotions could go at each others throats until one is deemed superior or a promoter could isolate himself from the rest of the IBL promotions to fully ensure his promotion is the highest-rated, most-watched promotion on the IBL Network. This truly is a revolution and resurrection of the beautiful sport we all love.


    Everyone that signs up fills out the following application form;

    Promotion Name: Simple the name of your promotion
    Day of Show: The day on which you wish your weekly show to air
    Name of Weekly Show: AKA RAW or Impact etc.
    Authority Figure and Title: Who makes the decisions on-air on your show and what their title is e.g Brad Maddox, General Manager or Jim Cornette, Director of Authority
    Commentary Team*: Maximum of two and no current wrestlers
    Backstage Interviewer*: Maximum of one and no current wrestlers
    Championships: Minimum of 3 including Heavyweight (or alternative) and Tag (or alternative) and a maximum of 5
    Show Color*: The color which represents your show e.g Red for RAW, Yellow for NXT etc.
    HQ: This is basically your promotions home turf e.g Orlando, Florida for TNA or Stamford, Connecticut for WWE

    *not mandatory

    Once you have applied, send me a Personal Message with a list of wrestlers you'd like to draft IN THE ORDER YOU WOULD DRAFT THEM YOURSELF. Examples below;

    Person A would like Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe. If he had to make a choice the wrestler he wants the most would be Aries and the person he wants the least is Bryan. Therefore he would mail me in this format;

    1. Austin Aries
    2. Samoa Joe
    3. Daniel Bryan

    There is a roster limit of 35 active wrestlers/divas. Undoubtedly people are going to want the same wrestlers in certain circumstances and you will not be guaranteed any wrestler no matter how high you may place them (but generally people get 3-4 of the Main Eventers they want) so the list is infinite. This means you can send me a list with 350 wrestlers on it if you wish to ensure you fill all 35 roster slots. As soon as I run out of names on your list, you will be void from the draft until it has finished. Then and only then you can draft from remaining not taken talents. To ensure that no one applicant is left with a very minimal roster before the open draft there is a rule that your list MUST CONTAIN A MINIMUM OF 75 TALENTS.

    There was major interest in this project the last time I organized it and I had one successful run with a project of this type over four years ago. I haven't been able to find somewhere to duplicate the success, here's hoping I've finally found a place to restore this project.
  2. Hey, Adam....Remember me from MP, I signed up Last time....Anyway, I'd be looking forward to doing this again.

    Promotion Name: Pro Wrestling ARK
    Day of Show: Saturday
    Name of Weekly Show: Saturday Night ARK
    Authority Figure and Title: Mick Foley, General Manager (Also, Advisor to Owner, Richard Branson.)
    Commentary Team*: Adam Copeland and Nigel McGuinness
    Backstage Interviewer*: Renee Young
    Championships: ARK Championship
    Dynamic Duo Championship
    Adrenaline Division Championship

    Show Color*: Blue
    HQ: London, England

    I'll PM my List in soon....
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  3. Accepted as an applicant! I remember you dude, let's hope this gets going this time!
  4. Promotion Name: United Kingdom Wrestling
    Day of Show: Friday
    Name of Weekly Show: Xplosion Wrestling
    Authority Figure and Title: William Regal, Director of Wrestling Operations
    Commentary Team: Alex Riley and Matt Striker
    Backstage Interviewer: Todd Grisham
    Championships: UKW Heavyweight, Television, Tag Team
    Show Color*: Blue
    HQ: Manchester, England
  5. Accepted brother.
  6. Promotion Name: Extreme Rules Revolution
    Day of Show: Wednesday
    Name of Weekly Show: All-Out Assault
    Authority Figure and Title: Paul Heyman,Extreme General Manager
    Commentary Team: Joey Styles and Taz
    Backstage Interviewer: Michael Cole
    Championships: ERR Championship,ERR Hardcore Championship(24/7 Rules),ERR Tag Team Championship,ERR Lightweight Championship
    Show Color*: Red
    HQ: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    It's Time to Go Extreme!
  7. Accepted brother. Send in your list asap.
  8. Let's Hope this ends up being as good as we expected on the old MP....

    Sent you my List, Seems like I have more Variety this time around since I know more about Indy Wrestling and Puro.....
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    Promotion Name: Weekly Professional Wrestling (WPW)
    Day of Show: Monday
    Name of Weekly Show: WPW Eruption
    Authority Figure and Title: Brad Maddox, General Manager
    Commentary Team*: Jim Ross and Booker T
    Backstage Interviewer*: Jeremy Borash
    Championships: WPW World Heavyweight Champion, WPW Television Champion and WPW Tag Team Champion
    Show Color*: Dark Blue
    HQ: Birmingham, UK

    Will send my list of wrestlers soon.
  10. Accepted.
  11. @Samalan you will have to change your GM as AJ Styles is an active wrestler.
  12. UKW
    AJ Styles
    Scott Steiner
    Rick Steiner
    Wade Barrett
    Brian Kendrick
    Evan Bourne
    Drew McIntyre

    @Zap has drafted 11 talents and has 24 spots remaining

    Colt Cabana
    Christopher Daniels
    El Generico
    Tommaso Ciampa
    Michael Elgin
    Cliff Compton
    Chris Hero
    Petey Williams
    Steve Corino
    Davey Richards
    Sal Rinauro
    Luke Gallows
    Dave Mastiff
    El Ligero
    Pete Dunne
    Jim Hunter
    Lee Hunter
    Robbie X
    AR Fox
    Trent Barreta
    Mad Man Manson
    Dynamite Kid
    Triple H
    Roderick Strong
    Michael Bennett
    Jay Lethal

    @Samalan has drafted 31 talents and has 4 spots remaining

    Rob Van Dam
    Matt Hardy
    Bully Ray
    Jeff Hardy
    Kevin Steen
    Matt Jackson
    Nick Jackson
    Justin Credible
    John Morrison
    Teddy Hart
    Jack Evans
    Kurt Angle
    Jimmy Jacobs
    Drake Younger
    Adam Cole
    Joey Ryan
    Jay Briscoe
    Mark Briscoe
    Chavo Guerrero
    Kid Kash
    Paul London
    Sami Callihan

    @The ReagMaster has drafted 27 talents and has 8 spots remaining

    CM Punk
    Austin Aries
    Antonio Cesaro
    Dolph Ziggler
    Daniel Bryan
    Dean Ambrose
    Seth Rollins
    Roman Reigns
    Jimmy Uso
    Jey Uso
    Fergal Devitt
    Alex Shelley
    Chris Sabin
    Rich Swann
    Eddie Edwards
    Karl Anderson
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Kazuchika Okada
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Hiroshi Tanahasi
    Akira Tozawa
    Jushin Thunder Liger
    Robert Roode
    Dave Rayne
    Zack Sabre Jr.
    Noam Dar
    Lance Archer
    David Hart Smith
    Rampage Brown
    Kofi Kingston

    @Forrest has drafted 35 talents and has 0 spots remaining
    You can now hire free agents at your own free will to fill your roster of 35 (maximum not mandatory).
  13. Promotion Name: Ohio Hardcore Wrestling
    Day of Show: Wednesday
    Name of Weekly Show: OHW Brawl
    Authority Figure and Title: The Rock Commissioner
    Commentary Team*: Steve Corino and JBL
    Backstage Interviewer*: Ted DiBiase Sr.
    Championships: OHW Heavyweight Championship,OHW North American Championship,OHW European Championship,OHW Uncensored Championship,OHW Tag Team Championship
    Show Color*: Black
    HQ: Cleveland Ohio
  14. nevermind, everyones taken
  15. @RamenReigns you're more than welcome to join and draft unsigned talents if you wish.
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    Promotion Name: Global Wrestling Force (hehe)
    Day of Show: Thursday
    Name of Weekly Show: Thursday Night Thunder
    Authority Figure and Title: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, General Manager (Mysterious Board of Directors)
    Commentary Team*: Chris Jericho and Jonathan Coachman
    Backstage Interviewer*: Todd Grisham
    Championships: GFW World Heavyweight Championship
    GFW Intercontinental Championship
    GFW World Tag Team Championship
    Pan American Cruiserweight Championship
    Show Color*: Light Blue
    HQ: Chicago, IL, USA
    PM'ing the list, have no idea who to pick anymore, gotta find some names lol. gimme a little while I'll send the list today itself no matter what.
  17. Yo, Adam, I can add guys to my Roster even though I have 35, Correct?
  18. Changed.
  19. Accepted brother.

    Yo, not yet brother. In the interest of fairness I'm going to allow @Samalan @Zap and @The ReagMaster fill their roster space first.
  20. GWF
    Aj Lee
    Randy Orton
    John Cena
    Bray Wyatt
    Luke Harper
    Erick Rowan
    Rey Mysterio
    Mr. Anderson
    Tigre Uno
    Big E
    Curtis Axel
    Mark Angelosetti
    Willie Mack
    Sonjay Dutt
    Samuray del Sol
    Johnny Gargano
    Nikki Bella
    Brie Bella
    Tamina Snuka
    Christy Hemme
    Lilian Garcia

    @NeoPHX has drafted 29 talents and has 6 spots remaining
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