International Booking League: WWEF Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Fullofit, May 12, 2013.

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  1. So we all did this back on MP, basically everyone writes a custom show every single week with the roster handed to them If you would like to join, reply to this with your promotion's name, GM, Interviewer, and titles. If someone else is using a GM or interviewer they are off limits. Roster details will be up after Tuesday.
  2. Company: Scottish Championship Wrestling

    GM: Paul Heyman

    Interviewer: Matt Striker

    Titles: SCW Championship, SCW Elite Championship, SCW Dynamic Duo, SCW Womens
  3. Company Name: Destrucitve Championship Wrestling

    GM: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Interviewer: Bookah T

    Titles: Immortal (Major), Purified Havoc (Minor), Destrcutive Tag Team (Tag Team)
  4. Company: American Wrestling League

    GM: JBL

    Interviewer: Renee Young

    Titles: AWL Title (Major), AWL Global Title (Minor), AWL Tag Titles (Tag Team)
  5. Company: Sharingan Wrestling

    GM: Teddy Long

    Interviewer: Michael Cole

    Titles: Elite All-star championship (Major) Rising Sun Championship (Minor) Diamond Duel Tag-Team Championships (tag Team) Iron Lady Championship (Womens)
  6. Make the rosters in a draft! If not I will most likely quit
  7. I am.
  8. Or actually, Itll be a random draft like last time. I'm not trying to spend 2 weeks or so on this.
  9. Notice how everybody who signed up so far are from the original one.
  10. yeah, I want people to try this for once.
  11. Does it matter if it is just the 4 of us?
  12. I don't know what you think I did last time but it wasn't a "random" draft. It plays out exactly like a real draft would so there's no difference except you have to do all the work yourself. It's a thankless task but it'll get your whole league set up quicker.

    Just so you guys know I am absolutely raging that MP got shut down before we could start.
  13. Name: World Wide Wrestling Revolution (3WR)

    GM: Nigel McGuinness

    Interviewer: Excalibur


    - 3WR Progression (WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT)
    - 3WR Uprising (Television)
    - 3WR Allied Forces (Tag Team)
    - 3WR SbM (Small but Mighty/Cruiserweight/XDivision)
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  14. yes, get more WWEF guys to try it
  15. I meant that were gonna do it the same way Adam did it
  16. That is Adam :adr:
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  17. I am Adam.
  18. I thought you were Adam568! Welcome to the site :emoji_grin: You can sign up if you want to.
  19. Sweet Jesus, no, I'm the original Adam.
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