International Grappling Federation

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  1. So, in the heat of the discussion of having all sub-forum e-feds being removed until they gain a big enough following, why not start a new one right?!

    International Wrestling Federation

    The Basics

    Before starting in IWF, you will create a profile based around what your characters gimmick is and how they wrestle and other basic statistics and agree to the rules of the e-fed. After doing this, your application will be reviewed and accepted or denied. Through this, if you are accepted, you will be place on one of two shows, Turbo! or Action!

    IWF Turbo! and IWF Action!

    Turbo! and Action! will be considered both main shows until a developmental territory is created (see enlistment goals). Shows will contain matches that are preset by the booking team for each show. Each match will be contested through promos and the winner will be chosen currently through staff pick (see enlistment goals). On top of this, matches on shows will have their own written action scripts after the winner is picked and they will be posted. Championships will be created and given out through tournaments as they are created (see enlistment goals).

    Off Show Action

    It would be boring if some action didn’t happen in between shows. Cutting promos in between shows to build hype for matches is encouraged. If you would also like a dark match between you and any opponents to be contested, contact an IWF staff member to create a match for you. Keep in mind, dark matches will not have their own posted action scripts.


    Promos during matches and off of shows to build character are great. But there is one rule to promoing in IWF, do not mention other e-feds in your promos.

    #1 Contenders Matches and Championship Matches

    #1 Contenders Matches and Championship Matches are only allowed to occur on shows or PPV’s.

    Enlistment Goals

    As you know, many e-feds have been started and abandoned or have stopped due to a lack of membership. This I hope will never happen to IWF, but I do not want to put everything into this e-fed just for a lack of membership. So I have created enlistment goals so that as we get more members, we can have more features.

    10 members: Start both major shows; introduce IWF Championship and FailFace 6 Championship
    15 members: Introduce IWF Tag Team Championships and starting PPV schedule

    (More to be added)

    Since this is a very basic outline draft of what I truly want this to be, I need input on what can be added and what can be fixed. I am not actually taking superstar contract applications currently, but I am taking staff applications. PM me the following application completed to apply. PM me as well to chip in with ideas and such.

    Position Applying For: (Booking or Match Writing)

    What can you contribute to this e-fed:

    Is there any idea you’d currently like to contribute:

  2. I like it Bro

    Position Applying For: (Booking or Match Writing)
    Writing. ( I write ACW Shows & IWT Matches to give it a Wrestling Show feel, I can give you evidence for them)

    What can you contribute to this e-fed:
    I'd like to be a part of the fed. My character is used as enhancement talent, think Mikey Whipwreck, so he'd help get talent over (How I won My IWT Match I never know)

    Is there any idea you’d currently like to contribute:
    I'll PM my idea to you now and you can tell me
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