International partnerships - the way to advance the TNA name?

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    TNA are doing a lot of things to expand their brand name right now, going on the road being the biggest part. But there is still room to grow but some things (mainly financial means probably) is holding TNA back from growing (or at least growing too fast). So how do we get around this and help advance the brand and company? Could partnering with international promotions be the solution?

    This is something that TNA has done in the past. I remember that Bad Influence and Joe and Magnus served as GHC tag champions in NOAH for a while when I first got into the company (or that might have not been a partnership but just them working for the company) and I also know of the old AAA partnership.

    This could in my opinion be a way to help grow the company name as well as help the companies they partner with. TNA has an abundance of stars or stars in the making that could use the chance to grow and work. Sending a couple of guys to say pro wrestling Noah to help grow that brand can only benefit them, it opens up some room on the TNA shows since they don't need to squeeze everyone in. The guys sent to the other company get to work and probably in a sort of prominent role so they get a chance to shine (without putting themselves over their host roster). They also get to work different styles of wrestling and learn what gets you over in say Japan. That could benefit TNA in the future if they ever were to do a tour in Japan. Also sending some X Division guys to AAA to train and work some lucha could only improve the division. TNA could then of course also bring in some international talent for some stints as well.

    The key here is writing the partnerships so they benefit both sides. Neither company should be too dominant in it. TNA should help say AAA grow as a brand but AAA should in turn also help TNA grow.

    Do you see fairly made up international partnerships as a way forward for the company?
  2. I think it is a great way to help grow the company. If you'll recall, WCW did this in the mid 90s and brought in tons of talent from Japan and Mexico that helped shape the cruiserweight division into one of the huge strengths the company had.
  3. They should form links with PCW IMO, the UK is a hotbed for them and having regular talent coming over could work out well. The more prescence they have in Europe the better IMO, running the Jan 4th show will be good for them to, it won't break them into the Japanese market but could win them some favour.
  4. I agree that a regular partnership with a European promotion would be solid. They don't need to send huge names to the shows, guys like Spud, Robbie E and Kazarian would do just as well and draw nicely.

    In Japan I think Noah would be the best route. NJPW is above TNA now and Dragon Gate has its own American branch so there isn't a need from the Dragon Gate offices to get guys to America another way. Only alternative in the big leagues of Japanese wrestling to Noah would be AJPW I guess.
  5. New Japan has been above them for a while IMO but they'll still run the shows with them if they wish, NJ wants to break the international market and TNA is in the best position to help them. AJPW maybe another possibility due to Hulk's link, he's an icon back there. Plus who'd they want from Noah outside of Kenta? New Japan have worked with them in the past and could offer talents like Tanahashi and Okada if they'd come back plus Machine Gun.
  6. An Okada heel run in TNA were he shoots on the company for his Green Hornet sidekick gimmick from 2009-2010 tingles my fancy.
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  7. Okato and Samoa Joe made me lol sadly.
  8. The Green Samoan? :hmm:
  9. It sure would help.

    AAA, NOAH, UK promotions, Australian promotions, India.... It's all swell.

    They should renew their partnership with NJPW, though.
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