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  1. Internet Explorer 6+

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  2. Google Chrome

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  3. Opera

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  4. Other

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  1. Simple Question -

    What Browser do you use?

    Internet Explorer (6-9)

    Google Chrome (Any version...there's so many...)


  2. You should probably add Firefox.

  3. Chrome - 19.0.1084.56 m
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  4. Chrome son, dont know what i do without it. All other browsers are slow as shit
  5. Coogle Ghrome
  6. I think Chrome and Firefox are the best. The only reason I use Chrome more though is because is has a Bob Marley theme, but they both are fast and good.
  7. [​IMG]

    Leaderboard of what's used from users on this site.
  8. Either Chrome or Opera. The two safest browsers when it comes to malware and keylogs and such.
  9. Firefox, ya know, because paranoid jackasses don't trust Google.
  10. Chrome > All

    Thanks to Crayo.
  11. Firefox homies

    Chrome is an acceptable answer, but when I tried adjusting to it I just wound up coming back to FF because I'm an American and I hate change.
  12. Chrome :emoji_slight_smile:

    only complains i have about it is when you delete a bookmark, it's gone forever, and you don't get a warning when you go to close the browser
  13. So Obama is obviously your guy :obama:
  14. Against Romney? Obviously
  15. I've voted other, because I tend to use either IE, Safari, Chrome or mobile browser, depending if I'm on the Mac, PC or mobile.
  16. Ouch, please never use IE. Not trying to push my opinion on you (not just mine), but IE will display this site weirdly as IE is developed poorly. It's fine on Safari and mobile browser, but IE is so so so so so so bad :emoji_slight_frown:. A webmasters nightmare.
  17. I only ever use IE when I want to clear my history without it looking suspicious to the mrs :haha:.
  18. I normally use IE, but I'm starting to use Chrome more often now.
  19. :boss1:

    You better be. Get off IE son.
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