Internet troll's new video

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. He did a new video..

    So, it's not about if he's fake or real, but think about that character he is portraying in the video.

    A new evil gimmick. To me it looks badass.

    Do you think it a gimmick like that will work? Would you enjoy a new evil superstar?
  2. WWE Anonymous Cam

    Now before you go all fake and stuff, I just put it here, because it seems to be weird as hell. And to me it doesn't seem fake.

    There are two videos put out there by this youtube account.

    This video was posted 3 days ago:

    And this one was posted 10 hours ago:

    So the question remains: What is this? Is this a troll act? Is this fake? Does it have anything to do with Brad Maddox?

    BTW, if you go to his channel it says "WWE Confirmed Channel".

    So, what gives?
  3. RE: WWE Anonymous Cam

    Whoa, that was fuckin' tight as hell man. I have no idea what it could mean, but when I see "EVIL" I think taker.

    EDIT- What if it was someone watching all of the stuff with the heels and is coming back to even the playing field?
  4. WWE Anonymous Cam

    Fake is fake. This is the same troll who made fake videos of divas stripping.

    Also already a thread on this. Merging.
  5. WWE Anonymous Cam

    Pretty much posted and discussed.. Read the thread and you'll find your answers.
  6. I wanted it to be true :sad1:
  7. I would like to have some Evil shit in WWE again too.:damnn:
  8. I didn't realise it was a "WWE confirmed channel". Though I am convinced if this were real WWE would do more to promote these vignettes and not rely on internet fans finding this by chance.
  9. I was hoping it was someone seeing everything that was going down with the Shield and coming back to even the playing field. I'm now thinking too much into it. lol
  10. :damnn:

    Dammit! Why don't you read the OP?:mad2:

    It's about the portrayed character, would you like it? How would you book him? Etc............
  11. Well more users were concerned with whether it was real or fake, so I thought I'd way my opinion in.

    As for the gimmick, I have said for months now that WWE needs an evil gimmick. Though I would want nobody other than Dean Ambrose to portray it at the moment.
  12. Yeah okay, but Ambrose is in the game right now.. He debuted, everyone knows who he is and what he is about..

    So it won't work right now.
  13. How? If anything it is the complete opposite. No one really knows The Shield at all.
  14. This. The Shield is a gimmick upon a gimmick. You can see slight traces of their pre-shield gimmicks underneath the shield gimmick if you look close enough. But to notice that you need to have watched them before main roster.
  15. Wasn't there a guy who wore a hockey mask in the indies who they signed recently? The name escapes me currently.

    Wait turns out it was Jackson Andrews and he was released

  16. Little kiddies would cry, all the more reason why i am all for evil in wwe
  17. The same account that uploaded the "Rosa Mendes stripping" video is WWE confirmed? I have hard time seeing that.
  18. I am seriously having this doubts about it being fake. Anyone who remembers The Undertaker's return promo from 2012, can see the similarities, even f it is a a bit of similarities.
  19. So WWE makes an account that posts faked nude videos of their divas?
  20. You're forgetting it's PG, they aren't really that 'nude' as you make it sounds. It's not like we seen all the genitals, that you can say they were nude. And just for the hell of it, WWE have been doing load of shit in the past, can't really take away the chance that this is a WWE made account.

    If they can go on and make a 'fake heart attack' angle with Heyman mocking Lawler, I don't really see why they couldn't pull of something like this.