Internet Trolls

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. Hear me out lads

    What are they all about. Recently 3 friends of mine (and fellow wrestling fans) have been targeted by cyber bullies. One was called fat, the other neckbeard and another was told he had a face like a halloween mask and is going bald. I was also told I look like John Candy.

    Something needs to be done, these lilly livered lads who hide behind their keyboards are hurting people, its not fair, us wrestling fans deserve a bit of respect

    ANyone else been a target lately
  2. John Candy first of all is fucking epic.
    Trolls only are satisfied when you give it any attention

    I found the best thing to do is simply comment, "K" or "Okie dokie" anything that shows it doesn't bother you in the slightest, which it shouldn't. Fuck em
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  3. Trolls are idiots the best way to deal is as Danielson says. Or if you are strong minded and witty just troll back at them, end of the day who cares what other people think you are who you are you can't change that so be proud of it instead.
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  4. Stop taking the internet so seriously would be my advice. Also, trolls of a certain kind can be very entertaining. Can't lie and say I haven't had fun trolling people myself at times...
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  5. First,Why did you bring being a wrestling fan into this? Second, John Candy is awesome, don't feel insulted, he was awesome in Space Balls. Third, at least to me, cyber bullying=/=trolling. Lastly, basically what Lockard said.
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  6. I've never really had a problem with those types, the only thing I hate is that they've inadvertently bastardized the term "trolling" for everyone.
    Trolling shouldn't be about throwing out random insults until one sticks and logging off to do it again some other time with no real effort or commitment.
    Trolling should be about psychology and manipulating the dupe's perception of a given situation while making it amusing for everyone in the know.

    There's nothing more amusing and thrilling than manipulating someone's thoughts enough that they literally hate your guts, then switching it up to get them to like you. You can't get that by just being a complete dick face, it takes time and tailoring.
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  7. Like with a lot of things, there's a fine art to trolling, too.
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  8. Yeah, the art comes from the benefit of perception, concentration and timing.

    Take time: tailored tales to tinker their thoughts, to target their tenderness, to train their trust, that's the true trolling type. To throw taunts then tromp... that's theft, tormenting the truly timeless trials that the true troll thrives to take.
    (dare everyone in this thread to just carry it on with words only starting in T)
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  9. Liked for Spaceballs.
  10. I have to agree with Danielson and Cloud Paying no attention to the one's who try their hardest to belittle you without knowing you gets to them more then anything, They write out this huge message that takes tons of minutes and they get no reaction, nothing. Maybe a "K" if their lucky.

    I myself was actually a target of cyber bullying when i was 17/ I got called so many hurtful things and the worst part about it is that a year later they tracked down my mother and acted concern just to insult me AGAIN. I eventually learnt from my mistakes of going back and talking to them, I learnt that not everyone will be a friend, Not everyone will be as nice as they seem and I just have to remember that as long as I'm still happy that's the best fucking revenge you can throw at those hateful bastards.

    Also, I don't know if you were commenting about trolling or bullying because they are two different things. But I hope this did help a little. Don't let people you don't know bring you down.
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  11. I'm suprised no one else said this but why is a thread on internet trolls being created by one of the biggest ones we have on this forum that I've seen so far?
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  12. This is one of the coolest things I've seen on this forum in the month I've been here.... very cool! Well Done!
  13. :russo: twist: OP is a troll.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Another HQ post.
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  15. it happened recently, I got called Napolean Dynamite on the wrestlingforum, then the mods banned me.

    I know you should rise above it, as it is frverlous, but something still needs to be done
  16. Your spelling of the word frivolous is somehow regressing.
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  17. You have to ignore it, Trolls feed off attention. Simple really :sandow:
  18. Dude, you must be bullshiting, why do you have a problem with being called John Candy and Napoleon Dynamite?
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  19. [​IMG]

    don't worry OP, it could be worse, you could visit /MLP/!
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  20. You expect trolling to not happen on the internet. It's the fucking internet. You know what you're getting into, so don't complain about it later. Blunt, but honest.
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