Other interpromotional feuds you'd want to see

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jan 5, 2015.

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  1. Inspired by a PM session I've been having with Candy Colored Clown.

    Are there any company vs company or promotion vs promotion feuds you'd like to see in wrestling currently?

    I'd like to see Evolve's roster go at it with Chikara actually. On one side is a fed that treats wrestling like a sport. Super serious. And on the other, a walking cartoon. And with a few guys like the Colony and Jigsaw working both sides we have some ready made tension.

    Would probably not be a masterpiece like ROH vs CZW (which is one of my favorite feuds ever), but I think a motivated Gabe could make it work.

    Gimme some.
  2. I want to see the Bullet Club go into every fed and crush house. They are the biggest name in wrestling, and they need to look like the top tier of Gaijins, so why shouldn't they be crushing everyone else.
  3. Chikara vs. Bullet Club. The bad ass mofos on one side and the cartoon characters on the other.
  4. bullet club isn't a promotion
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  5. Lucha Underground vs Chikara
  6. I'd like to see them run an angle like that I guess, not the same thing, oh well.
  7. CMLL vs. AAA, by a bigass mile. If they chose to work together, they could sell out a 100,000 seat stadium once a month. Not to mention the heat with possible shootjobs in the ring and crowd riots.

    Runner-up: AJPW or BJW vs. Dragon Gate.
  8. AJPW vs. NJPW vs. BJW

    would be sick, imo.
  9. I'd like to see Abby Kobayashi smashing a tube over Tana's pretty head.
  10. Better - Okada's sweet weave
  11. Aww shii, BJW vs DG would be swell as hell.
  12. A full on DDT vs AJPW program would also be swell. The two companies already work together to some extent.
    But I need some way to work Kengo Mashimo and Tank Nagai into it.
  13. I would be down for another DDT/Chikara show.
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