WCPW Interview: Smackchat talks Global Wars with Revolution Pro Wrestling

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    For a Sunday afternoon, Andy Quildan sure does get around a lot. As well as promoting, booking, MC-ing and refereeing for Revolution Pro Wrestling, he also found time to speak with us about the upcoming Global Wars dates…

    Listen to the audio of the interview here

    Global Wars takes place at York Hall, Bethnal Green London on Thursday 10th November and Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road, London on Friday 11th November, with Meet and Greets occurring on the same dates. Tickets can be purchased at http://www.revolutionprowrestling.com/home
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  2. Had a listen and checked out the RPW site, they have some good names on there.
    You need a new microphone btw :cesaro:
  3. Money is a luxury haha, I'm looking into it at the moment.
  4. This has great quality for the price: Samson Go Mic
    Used it myself for a few years.
  5. And theeeeere's my birthday present
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