Interview with Chris Hero

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by TheArabHammer, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. Cool article.


  2. Interesting, glad to see he isn't to mad at the WWE for releasing him. Glad he's open to the possibility of being back in the WWE, hopefully he can returned more motivated and finally make it into the main roster some day.
  3. Hope he'll get a chance to return. A messed up situation on both parties
  4. WWE doesn't deserve Hero.
  5. So he's not the Hero WWE deserves?
  6. He's the hero WWE needs right now, but definitely not the one they deserve.
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  7. I like Hero, but he's overrated. He tends to drag things down with his mediocre matwork. Misawa taught him how to throw elbows, but Hero clearly misunderstood the part about not to spam it. He was clearly carried by Claudio in KOW, for example. Also, every single Hero/Danielson match is bad.
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