Interview with Raymond Rowe

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  1. One half of War Machine on the comeback trail..
    ROH (Philly) 8-9-14 089
    The tag team of War Machine, Raymond Rowe and Hanson saw a meteoric rise to stardom in Ring of Honor in 2014! Quickly gaining a name, steamrolling the competition and taking proven tag teams like ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon and former champions The Briscoe Brothers to new limits! Fate stepped in on August 12, 2014, when Raymond Rowe was injured in a devastating motorcycle accident.

    Raymond, Thanks for the time. You've been very quiet since your injury. Can you take us back to that night and fill us in on the accident?

    “Being quiet is my nature, as you saw prior to this accident I didn’t need to do a lot of talking. All my talking has always been done with my hands, my legs and my physicality. To give you an answer though, another driver was texting and went through a stop sign, putting her directly in front of my motorcycle. I didn’t have time to react and I hit the side of her car, I was going at least 40mph. The impact threw me over the handle bars and through the back windshield. The first thing through the windshield was my face.”

    Can you list the injuries?

    “Yeah, I broke my left thumb. I shattered the humeris in my left arm on impact. My nose was broken and I received a deep laceration over my left eye when I went through the window.”

    Once you were able to grasp the magnitude of your injuries, what were you feeling?

    “When I turned around and my arm was swinging freely and I could feel the bones pretty much floating in my arm and all I could think was, “How long is this going to keep me out of competing in Ring of Honor”.

    “The EMT’s and Emergency room doctors were shocked I never lost consciousness. I must have heard 100 times how I was lucky to not be paralyzed or even dead. All that stuff was forgien to me. My heart was beating, I knew who I was and I immediately started thinking about how long till I’m back in the ring. It’s been my motivation the whole time. “
    Can you give us insight on your conversations with your doctors and how you feel your rehab is going?

    “My doctors keep repeating, Ray you have to be patient. They don’t understand the desire I have inside, this is very hard for me. Sitting around is not who I am. I’ve been active since my arm was wrapped. I’ve been doing squats and other exercises that help keep me active. I made it through major surgery and now I’m rehabbing. Rehab is incredibly humbling, yet it’s a frustrating experience. Simple things that I took for granted are now very challenging. I just entered the portion rehab that allows me to start rebuilding strength in my arm and again the doctors are stunned by where I am.”

    How do you feel about your partner Hanson and his recent run in on Ring of Honor Television with The Kingdom?

    “Watching from the sidelines is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Good arm, bad arm, no arm, I want to be in there side by side with him destroying anything that’s in front of us.”
    “Hanson is doing what I’d expect, he is a warrior. The Kingdom doesn’t have what it takes one on one to handle him. What they are doing right now is not good for them, it’s not really good for anyone. When I see my brother being attacked, you guys are just rattling the cage of an animal that you will never be able to handle. When that cage is opened and I return, everyone who has wronged War Machine will pay a mighty price.”

    You're a special guest this coming Saturday night in Lakeland, Florida. What can we expect out of you once that music hits and you're back in front of the ROH fans?

    “Expect to get a taste of the rage that is building within me!”

    One last question, where do you see War Machine in 2015?

    “Before my accident, we were just finding our stride. We had just gone toe to toe with the most decorated team in Ring of Honor, The Briscoe Brothers. That match in Philly was a war and just a small taste of what we bring. I should have died in that wreck, but I didn’t. It wasn’t my time. This process has taught me that 2nd chances aren’t promised. I learned that you can never hold anything back. When I return, War Machine will hit the ground running. Believe that I am bringing every drop of pent up anger and frustration! I should have sympathy for any tag team that gets in our way, but I don’t. 2015 will see War Machine rise and become new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions!”

    National TV Taping

    Saturday, October 25th
    6:30pm Doors Open / 7:30pm Bell Time

    The Lakeland Center
    701 West Lime Street
    Lakeland, Florida 33815

    Matches signed:

    First Time Ever
    #Reborn Matt Sydal vs Adam Cole

    ROH World TV Title Match
    Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs ACH

    "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs Hanson

    The Briscoes vs the Kingdom

    Tommaso Ciampa vs Cedric Alexander

    Raymond Rowe makes his first ROH appearance since his motorcycle accident

    Signed to appear...

    Tickets On Sale Now!

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