Interview with Sting about his involvement with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Decent Sting interview as the first part of the article. Then the writer goes over the Battleground card which is kind of redundant for us on here. Sting talks about a match with Undertaker, how he feels about WWE, some upcoming stars he likes, etc. I figured all our Sting marks on here might like to read it.

  2. I've always considered Cena and Sting to be very similar, as well.
    Sting had some great clashes with Steve Austin in WCW. They're definitely worth a look.
    He should've signed sooner. I'd actually prefer to see multiple tag matches from him, rather than a singles.
    However, I'm not opposed to the singles match, if its done right.
    It's great to have Sting, 'back'.
  3. I've never heard what Undertaker's take on Sting is. The two should get together and settle things.
    If they have a match, things should be ironed out to bring the best angle possible.
  4. Angle? I bet people would mark just to see those 2 go at it, no story needed. But I agree, a good story behind it would be nice.
  5. My interest in Sting vs Undertaker has already long passed. I would have loved it if it had happened during the Invasion angle, or even at Wrestlemania X-8 the following year (a measly four months later), or perhaps sometime shortly after Undertaker resurrected the Dead Man gimmick in 2004. But now? I'd be fine if the Undertaker never wrestled again (and I say that as a big fan of his), and there's other rivalries (like ones with Triple H, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, etc.) that I'd rather see Sting be involved in at this point. If he settles into some type of role as the Raw GM and begins a 'rivalry' with The Authority (which may have been alluded to in HHH's interview about Sting on, then I could see it culminating in a match between the two at Wrestlemania XXXI next year.
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  6. Sting did state in that interview that he wants one more match, so yeah, that would be cool.
  7. Plus, Sting would likely go over Hunter in a Wrestlemania bout.

    If Sting only ends up wrestling one match in the WWE, then I feel he should go over just so he can say he was victorious in a WWE ring. And I don't care about the whole "You Go Out On Your Back" tradition. What is the point of bringing in a legend like Sting only to job him out in his one and only WWE match. That's what I feel a match with Triple H would be perfect because the angle would almost certainly dictate that Sting triumphs over Hunter in the end, and history shows that HHH is more than willing to put people over at Wrestlemania (especially now that he's in the twilight of his in-ring career.) Whereas if the Undertaker wrestled again, he should be the one to go over just so he can have one last happy moment in the absence of a Streak to defend.
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  8. I nearly cringe at the promos Taker and Sting would give.
    At this point, Taker's promo work is extremely redundant and needs a true antagonist to work off.
    HHH and HBK toed the line of face/heel enough to make things interesting, I doubt Sting would pull that off in 2015.
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