Introducing Stokely Hathaway

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  1. BigStoke
    I really shouldn’t have to do this, but let me introduce myself yet again. My name is STOKELY HATHAWAY! My name is NOT Ramon and it’s never been Ramon. For the past year in Ring of Honor, I’ve been overlooked and ignored all because of one man, R.D. Evans. I’m just going to go ahead and start riffing ‘cause it’s long overdue.

    R.D. Evans is a liar, thief, manipulator, con man, goof and twit. He used me, Veda Scott and Moose for his own personal gain. #TheNewStreak benefited no one but R.D. For example, no one knew my real name! Imagine being called something you’re not for months on end. And what has #TheNewStreak done for Veda? Aside from wrestling at Michael Bennett's Bachelor Party and a few matches here and there, she’s been stuck as the #TheNewStreak Ambassador. Evans has stifled any opportunity she had to shine. And Moose? This is deep. REAL deep. Sit back, put on some Jodeci, and sip some Cavicchioli while I kick this knowledge real quick.

    Moose should be #1 contender to the ROH World or Television Heavyweight Championships. That didn’t happen because he’s been in a tag-team with Evans for months where pins were stolen from him for the sake of #TheNewStreak. Moose is a future champion! He’s a team player! He’s coachable! He also can be led, which is why Moose turned his back on Evans at “Glory by Honor XIII.” Guess who told him it was the right time to walk away from that pink, Abercrombie Kids wearing twit? It was me, Big Stoke.

    A visionary spoke to me in Lakeland, Florida weeks before Evan’s big title opportunity. This man has been a blessing and a true mentor who has had his own issues with R.D. over the years. The Embassy was stolen from him. Moose, a future Top Prospect and ROH Seminar stand out, was stolen from him as well. Your former colleague and the man you betrayed, Prince Nana, vowed to end your career, Evans! Nana revealed the truth to me while passing the torch to the next generation. Now it’s up to ME to finish what Nana started.

    It’s going down at “Final Battle” on December 7th – Moose vs. R.D. Evans – LIVE on PPV! I’ll be by Moose’s side and our confidence is wild right now. Nothing can stop us. Robert Dufresne Evans… that night will mark where your career ends... and where our careers begin!

    See ya’ at Terminal 5!


    AKA Big Stoke
    AKA #TheLoveKing
    AKA Escobar Bundles
    AKA Flex Luger
    AKA The Young Mike Tyson
    FKA Ramon

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    What you mean he's not Ramon?
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