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  1. Hello members, legends, mods, and admins, a lot of you may not know me very well as I am new. My name is airbourne908. My long time friend Crator and I noticed this site doesn't have a "living" E-Fed, so we decided we would bring you one! In case you don't know what an E-Fed is, I'll explain it, what we're doing is running an online wrestling federation where you pick current wrestlers to role-play as. We will use these wrestlers in writings and post shows with these wrestlers. One thing we added is that you can create your own wrestler for this E-Fed, an application will be posted below for created wrestlers.

    We will be posting shows on a regular basis (hopefully) on Wednesdays. When a PPV comes around the full card will have its own thread. Now to the name, WFF. WFF stands for WWE Forums Federation. Generic, but catchy. The weekly show will be called Wednesday Night Elevation, but we'll just call it Elevation for short. Your success in WFF will mostly rely on how active you are in the backstage discussion thread an how well you play your character. So don't expect much if you rarely post in the discussion thread.

    So all you have to do is tell me who you want to be and whether he is face or heel. The created wrestler application, as stated in the first paragraph, will be posted below.

    Backstage Discussion Thread:

    Created Wrestler Application

    Name: keep it original
    Handler: Your username here
    Nickname: If none, just say N/A
    Gimmick: Simple, precise and original. No, "cocky and sadistic, but backs it up bullshit"
    Height: Realistic and in proportion with weight
    Weight: Realistic and in proportion with height
    Hometown: Where your character resides
    Signature Moves: 2 Max
    Finishing Moves: 2 Max
    Entrance Music: No links, just title and artist
    Status: Face or Heel, no Tweener. Should match gimmick. No ,"Ugh, he's a heel but, acts like a face."
  2. I'll create mine after raw. :obama:
  3. I'll try to do mine after RAW as well. :obama:
  4. Brad Maddox as always.
  5. Stop and Sackfist are re-doing it, but I'm not really supposed to say.
  6. Is it dead currently? I think so.
  7. I don't think there really is anything wrong with 2 feds unless it fails. Remember HCW?
  8. I think two of these can co-exist at once!
  9. Name: Shane McMahon
    Handler: Imp4ctCr4ft2
    Nickname: Shane O Mac
    Gimmick: Whatever Shane's Gimmick was.
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 230 lbs
    Hometown: Stanford, Connecticut
    Signature Moves: Shane O Shuffle and Bronco Buster
    Finishing Moves: Coast 2 Coast and Leap Of Faith
    Entrance Music: Here Comes the Money By Jim Johnson
    Status: Face
  10. Both Accepted, Heel or Face Jwab?
  11. We barely supported one, let alone when we had 2. Let Sack and Stop fix it then suggest this again, IMO.
  12. Dude, just give it a chance alright?
  13. All I'm saying is there's no point having people go to the effort of making characters if it fails. I've seen a lot of shit fail on this site in my time, this is gonna be another.
  14. Yeah man. Just give it a Chance m8.
  15. Its MachinimaPalooza Language. Very highly good I must say. :true:
  16. You don't seem to be a positive fellow now do you? I'm willing to try, you can't just assume the worst from the beginning.
  17. All I can say is, just wait on how many people join. You've already got 3 people. :smug-47:
  18. Don't worry, I'm used to a lot of people, I've run (and written for) many E-Feds in my days.
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