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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Tommyspud, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Oh, intros... I'm not very good at these.

    Okay, Tommyspud, from what I consider to be the center of the USA, Iowa(Yep, same as Seth)... Twenty-Three, been watching wrestling in general for 18 years, give or take.

    Grew up watching WCW vs WWF, I had a lot of favorite wrestlers from both companies.

    In WCW I liked Goldberg(Yes, he was a green guy, but... he had such ferocity I actually still like him today. The perfect 'machine' gimmick in my opinion. Kind of like Vader in Japan.) Harlem Heat, because Booker and Stevie were awesome to see in the ring, and wrestling. I loved the entirety of the cruiserweight division, from Alex Wright to Blitzkrieg to La Parka(Still Love him) to even Evan Karagias. AND LANCE STORM.

    One of my 'cursed' favorites is Glacier, because he had an awesome ring attire, great music, and actually, when you look at it... He was decent in the ring. I would've marked to see him face Steve Blackman, but that never would've happened. I know he's just a Sub-Zero ripoff, but a Sub-Zero ripoff is still more entertaining then well... Big Bubba Rogers.

    Yep, I'm dropping references, some of my favorite WWF guys were 'It's my ******* business' Taka Michinoku, Headbangers, E&C, Angle, Tajiri, Aldo Montoya(Har har), and numerous others. I found all these guys entertaining, in their own way, and they really provided major fun during my long viewing periods.

    As for the products out now... Truth be told I prefer the overseas product coming out of New Japan Pro Wrestling then WWE or TNA or even ROH... Not saying I don't love the talent in the US, I just feel like Japan has a more balanced roster. Some of my US Favorites include Punk, Daniels(My favorite wrestler, EVER), Bryan, Ziggler, Joe, Roode, Aries, Rollins, Ambrose, Kazarian, Cabana, Steen, and oh, shocker time, Rhino.

    My thoughts on Cena are mixed, mainly because I liked the guy when he actually showed rapping charisma and tried to serve such people as Rikishi, SPANKY, and Kurt Angle. I feel as if now he just seems a bit generic, and his wrestling ability is kind of... sporadic. He's a decent brawler though.

    International Favorites are the following: Liger, Nakamura, Okada, Devitt, Gedo, Kendrick, Shelley, Romero, Mutoh, Tenzan, Archer, Kojima, Akiyama, Chono, Kobashi, Misawa(RIP), and Kikutaro.

    I'm a Major Gamer, simulating various fantasy shows and the like, using whatever game I want, even if it's Fire Pro, which is from Japan. Favorite Wrestling games: Fire Pro Returns, WCW/NWO Revenge, No Mercy, VPW2, SVR06, HCTP, and actually Fire Pro G.

    I even can write a wrestling match... or a show, if I actually ever get inspired enough to actually sit down and write one. It depends on the day, in all honesty...

    Anyways, since I have work in about 9 hours... I should probably cut it here and get the heck to sleep. So, later everyone.
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  2. Welcome!

    Younger end of the stick, so I can't comment on your preferences. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  3. I pray to god you stay on this site. We need more people like you so Welcome!
  4. Welcome aboard, hope you stay active.
  5. For someone who doesn't like introductions, you're very good at them. Real nice post there. Since you're a Goldberg fan I'm quite curious on what your opinion of Ryback is? I don't unfortunately familiarise myself with New Japan Pro Wrestling, but there is a few users on here who do.

    Nice to meet you though and welcome to the site.
  6. Nice introduction man, you'll have a great time around here, welcome.
  7. Welcome to the forums...

    Great introduction, hope you enjoy your time here....
  8. Welcome. :otunga:
  9. Welcome on board hope u stick around as u have great knowledge of wrestling.
  10. Hey welcome!

    I hope you stay. This forums needs more members such as yourself!

  11. Yeah, well, I was completely rushing it because I had work in eight hours or so. I thought it'd come out bad.

    Anyways, my opinion on Ryback. I'm kind of torn, because here's the thing... I still think of Skip when I see him. It's not a major thought, but every once in a while, my head thinks, 'HA, THIS IS SKIP.' Though, I must say, he's a good 'machine' wrestler, even if my mind thinks this thing. He's not Goldberg, but he's pretty close. Let's say, Goldberg V0.8 is an accurate description of what I think.
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  12. :yay: You're back!

    :steiner: GET MAH BAGS.

    Shut up, Scotty.

    Anyways, yeah, I'll stick around, I won't promise 100% activity, but I'll post once every day, maybe run a random fantasy fed for the laughs using some simulator. EWR maybe or TNM or maybe just use FPR again.
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  14. SHUT UP NED! :steiner:

    Anyways, that's good to hear.
    Also we have our own fantasy wrestling fed. It's called Federation X and the brands currently are Fight Night Wrestling and a new one has launched Hardcore Championship Wrestling.
  15. Heh, well, I usually use real wrestlers, just cause they're already in the game and such. Like I was screwing around with Fire Pro yesterday, and decided it'd be hilarious to have 8 Punks fighting each other.
  16. Ahh, I think we have that too. Not sure where though,
  17. I'm not sure where to post something like that.

    I may just drop it in the Locker Room and there it is.

    Speaking of which, I get to finally make my sig.
  18. Welcome to the forum Mr. Awesome Wrestling guy :yay: If you need help message me, not Lacky or Jonathon, they are noobs. Total noobs, look it up in the dictionary, you'll see their names there. Anyway have a fun time here, and please stay active :yes:
  19. Misawa, Kobashi and Prince Devitt = :fap:

    What's your view on Tensai also? I really digged his work with Machine Gun Anderson over in the orient and you seem like a puro guy.
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