Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. I always get intrigued by inventions that are so small/cheap but do a big job in something.
    Or even things created from what most would consider trash, like water bottles.

    I thought this was cool :

    Any inventions you guys/gals think are awesome? Like aside from technology.
  2. Not many inventions really interest me. Probably because I don't really pay attention to them, but anything using solar power still amaze me.
  3. I like anything using nature tbh. Like stuff that doesn't rely on electricity.
  4. I think somewhere they're going to start charging people for using solar energy. Pretty stupid imo
  5. You think that's stupid wait until we are taxed for air. :pity:
    Already taxed for water. :dawg:

    ... :downer:
  6. Not sure about what we pay for other than roads, homeless, ect.
    Senhor Perfect might know cause he's old.
    Kinda still mad they would charge for solar panels. I was planning to get one in the future.
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  7. Same here... ALSO LOL'D AT OLD!
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  8. Thanks for the shout. We pay for water used, garbage collection, on top of all the regular utilities.
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  9. To add to the discussion about getting taxed for everything: you're not really paying to use the energy, you're paying for the luxury to use the the underlying structures that give you access to those energies and resources at a convenience. You're not paying for water, you're paying for the plumbing and filtering process that lets you use the water without having to find, store and filter it yourself. You're not paying to harness solar energy, you're paying for the manufacturing costs of creating a solar-panel and the battery to store the energy, which isn't exactly elementary mathematics.

    On-topic, I thought this was pretty neat:
  10. is that really an invention or just some hippies hooking up bottles to gutters to bottle rain water for.... no apparent reason.

    what, you gonna filter the rain water so you have something to drink during the apocalypse?
  11. Samsies
  12. LOL'd

  13. Good points.

    BROKEN IMAGE! :angry: :upset:
  14. :mog: I WANT ONE! :angry:
  15. Me too, here is a better video that i tried and failed to find earlier, if you listen to just the sound it is arousing.

    Steven Fry makes everything 25% better.
  16. That is awesome. I would eat apples more if it was that simple to peel them and slice them. :yes:
    I don't like apple skin :eww:
  17. The middle is the worst, horrible bits you occidentally eat.
  18. I love apples... just hate peeling them. Hate peeling anything or that matter. lol
  19. Regeneration is tight. Wolverine like abilities? Sign me up if I lose a limb.
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