Invisibility possible in the near future.

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    Quite an interesting video to be honest. Plays on the Harry Potter invisible-cloak which made me mark.
  2. RE: Invisibility possible in the neart future.

    I might as well be the first to admit that the first thing I'd do is go into the Women's changing room and shake hands with the one eyed milkman.
  3. Invisibility possible in the neart future.

    That'd be dope. Time to rob a bank.
  4. Imagine you dropped the invisible cloak and suddenly appeared naked...
  5. Why would you rob a bank naked? :dafuq:
  6. I was replying to your post dimwit.
  7. I was being ironic, so you're the dimwit here :idontcare:
  8. That is not the definition of irony.

    *passes dimwit title back to you*

  9. It was socratic irony 'A pose of ignorance assumed in order to entice others into making statements that can then be challenged.' :pity1:
  10. You both are flaming homos.
  11. So trolling. Fuck you, I hate trolls. :finger::finger::finger:

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    You win this time. 1-0 Ryan.

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    Scotland sucks.

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  12. Such a fag :annoyed:
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  13. :yes:

    Nearly used your legendary not even sorry gif btw.
  14. Not sure what made me mark more defeating you or the return of the spoilers :yay:
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  15. Had these in the Black Ops 2 campaign. :obama:

    I think they have had the technology for this and many other things for some time now.
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