Kayfabe Iodine & Fishing Line...

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  1. Red King/Gaia Promo 11: Iodine & Fishing Line...

    *The segment opens in a now deserted locker room after the Democracy Rules event.
    The Red King is lying on his back, motionless on the floor as Gaia kneels next to him.

    The young woman has a pair of tweezers in one hand and a small black towel in the

    Lead cameraman Jackson Pickett sits on a plastic event chair nearby and watches
    as the young woman slowly removes pieces of shattered light tube from the wounds
    on the Red King's face.

    Gaia has been silent for several minutes since the Red King took his place on the
    floor but now the young woman begins to sing...for her King...and for herself*

    *As she sings the camera pans in closely to show just how damaged the Red King's face
    is as several pieces of glass are pulled from his torn and exposed flesh.

    Once Gaia is finished singing her song she finally turns her attention to Mr. Pickett*

    Gaia: Mr. Pickett...why was the White Witch here tonight?

    *The Red King growls at the mention of the color white*

    From what I've been told she paid for those...special seats. I wasn't told
    anything before the event...and if I was I would have told you.

    I'm a cameraman Gaia...I get told what to shoot and not much else.

    Gaia: Has she signed a contract with the RWK?

    Pickett: I don't know.

    Gaia: I need to speak with Mr. Reed...as soon as possible.

    *Pickett nods as he answers*

    Pickett: I will try and organize a meeting with him. It shouldn't be too hard to
    arrange...you two do live in the basement after all.

    *Gaia nods as she inspects the wounds for a final time*

    Gaia: Okay...so...I need you to listen to me my King...but this is going to hurt...

    *The young woman reaches for a nearby bottle of iodine*

    Pickett: I'm not staying for this.

    *Pickett quickly stands up and walks out of the locker room as Gaia slowly opens the
    bottle of iodine*

    Now close your eyes...and...try to stay calm my King.

    *The young woman pours the iodine all over the Red King's face as the beast roars
    in agony. Gaia scrambles away as the huge man leaps to his feet, clutching his face.

    He roars again as he stumbles around on one good leg, flipping over a nearby table
    and smashing several plastic chairs in his pain driven rage. Blood continues to run
    from the now clean wounds on his face as he glares at Gaia with his black, soulless

    Gaia: My King...I'm sorry but I had to make sure...

    *The young woman is cut off as the beast suddenly throws a plastic chair at her which
    she is able to duck in time as it smashes into the brick wall behind her. The young woman
    remains motionless on the ground with her arms over her head for several moments
    before sneaking a quick look around.

    She is shocked to see the now completely silent beast staring at his own reflection
    in the floor to ceiling mirror on the opposite wall.

    He cocks his head and touches his own mutilated face with his hands as he continues
    to stare at himself, confusion written all over his bleeding features.

    Gaia stands up and walks over to the giant man and speaks softly to him*

    Gaia: My King...I need to stitch your wounds shut.

    *The beast simply sits down cross legged in front of the mirror, never taking his eyes off
    his own reflection*

    Gaia: Okay...I can work with that.

    *The young woman then fetches her duffel bag and takes out a roll of fishing line
    and a small steel hook*

    Gaia: I hope that can keep his attention.


    A sleek white limousine speeds towards the Toronto International airport...and in
    the back of that limousine is a tall German woman dressed completely in white...

    And she is crying like she never has before.

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