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    For those that don't know, Google Maps is now Android property, so Apple had to make their own maps for iOS6.

    Looks like they're working well. :haha:
  2. :haha:

    You would think with all the money they have they could develop something that works right. :lol1:
  3. apple is so stupid!!!
  4. Deserved it. Made Samsung pay $2 billion. Karma is a bitch. Enjoy all the customer complaints and hopefully people switch to android.

    apple is using shitty tomtom maps.
  5. Haha so much win, fuck Apple.
  6. Also when did Android make Google Maps there property?
  7. Btw, Google didn't actually make it Android property at all. Apple chose to ditch them.
  8. Ah, okay. Thanks for the update Crayo.
  9. damn. Google should.
  10. They effectively did when they joined Samsung and sued Apple, so Apple ditched them as the two companies are at war. But why the sudden decision? It's retarded, they'll lose so many customers on iOS to Android who rely on maps. Google are apparently making an app anyway for Apple so they can use their maps still, I would delay it if I was them.

  11. Ah, I didn't read the article properly. Just saw they no longer used Google Maps.

    People should buy paper map books then send the bill to Apple to be refunded. :burns:
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