News Iowa man uses McChicken as a weapon

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  1. So yeah..... this happened.

    That face.... :haha:

    Source and such
  2. Lol such a dumb reason to flip out on your pregnant wife..
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  3. Dammit Jabri
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  4. I love how he was trying to record her supposedly being aggressive after he had his, "DON'T WAKE ME UP WITH A MCCHICKEN SANDWICH!! :annoyed: " meltdown.
  5. To be fair if my girl brought me McDonald's I'd freak out too, that shit is gross.. although I wouldn't fucking hit her or stress her out like that if she was pregnant most likely.
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  6. And this is why you're one of the good guys, sir.
  7. Yeah haha, I probably should've said "almost certainly" because that's my kid in there.. or at least I would hope so.
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  8. I dunno, being woken up with food sounds pretty damn sweet to me. :hmm:
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  9. Okay..... Soooooooo...... who assaulted who with a fucking McChicken? Him? But a fucking sandwich isn't that dangerous, what the fuck woman!?

    Throwing a harmless food at a woman.... :george:

    I get stressing out a pregnant woman, but throwing a fucking is trivial.
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