iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Bobby Ray, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. My phone really sucks, and I'm suddenly in the need to use it more for internet stuff. I have quite a large budget and I've targeted one of these phones, but I don't know which. Crayo has the S3 and I've seen him on it and played with it myself and it's really nice, I haven't played with the iPhone 5 at all though (but from what I have read it's not too different from the 4s). I'm torn, give me some help.
  2. Tough choice man, I know people with both phones and each party raves about what they have. I guess it comes down to what OS you prefer, Android or iOS.
  3. S3 has better hardware.
    Android is far superior to iOS, and more apps are free on Android.
    iOS has very limited customization, unlike Android where everything can be changed with ease.

    I don't need to list more.
    Actually, get the iPhone if you need a dumb interface, and can't navigate yourself through a smart phone.
  4. iphones are only good for showing that you can afford an iphone.
  5. S3 but don't bother getting those. I'm sure there will be a newer model for each of those this year.
  6. Whatever is the newest Android. You basically cannot go wrong with either the newest HTC, Samsung or the new Google Nexus 4.
  7. Get the S3, you keep fucking taking mine so get your own.
  8. Get the s3 mini.
  9. Get an Iphone 4s/5. I really use mine alot and since it essentially works as an Ipod too, it's useful if you like listening to music.
  10. iPhone 3Gs for life noobs
  11. S3 > i5 anyday.
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