iPhone 5s Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Which one is better and why? I've been Team Android for a while, but pretty tempted for iPhone because of the good processor.
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  3. Well, from my experience with Apple products(in regards to phones/iPods) they haven't been good. Mostly because of the battery life, and easily cracked screens.

    I say screw it, and just get the new Windows phone so you can have Cortana talk to you.
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  4. I second this experience with my Apple smartphone products, have always had battery life issues and the screens crack way too easily.. granted I didn't have a case on the times that it cracked but they weren't even that big of falls.

    Having Cortana speak to me would be awesome, then I can be like Master Chief.
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  5. Out of these two, I would go with the Galaxy. Granted I've only had a iPhone once in my life, for about 6 months I believe. It wasn't bad, but it didn't impress me.
  6. Apple phones are very brittle (the screen on my work phone got scratched the moment I got it basically from me putting it in my pocket.)
    And the battery life is very weak. I have to charge mine every day basically.

    Android is the way to go
  7. After discussing it with a few friends and you guys, I'm going with the Samsung. I just wanted an iPhone for Facetime, iMessage and the iOS.
    But at the end, #TeamAndroid prevailed.
  8. Apple make really well built devices, better than most Android offerings (except HTC's flagship device), but are worse in every other way. You pay more for much less power. The S5 is gonna be a much better multi tasker.
    I wonder why you aren't considering the One M8 or the Xperia Z2 though? Or if you can get it... http://oneplus.net/one
  9. Really want the Z2, but I don't see myself getting it for a while.
  10. What would be better. M8 or Z2?
  11. M8 personally.
    Linustechtips has reviewed them both, and nobody reviews stuff better than him,

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  12. I ended up getting the S5. Pretty dope so far.
  13. I like this thread but honestly a more fair comparison is the S5 vs the iPhone 6.
  14. This one